Screen Capture Software dropping frames/black frames

I own the PC and PS3 Version of SSF4 AE so i decided to record some matches to get some analysis going (PC).
I downloaded a free trial of Camtasia Studio (and Fraps and i tried VLC) and tried to record a replay (record from desktop).
Problem is :
The recorded video is dropping frames like mad and it goes black on some frames once in a while (btw. XSplit is doing the same if i don´t use windowed mode).
I tried to record with Vsnyc on/off and windowed mode on/off.

Obvious problem:
1)The recording tool is not able to keep up with the frames being displayed (this shouldn´t happen though cause the game is running at 60 FPS)
2)The game is not running at 60 FPS but much faster which will lead to frame drops with the recording software.

Any tips and help are appreciated.

Drop frames or other frame problems is common for the grade of PC video capture software you have been using.

What you would want are more professional solutions (which is not cheap). Also your computer will have to be up to snuff on supporting it all with out the lost of frames in video or in game

You might also want to try and defag your hard drive. Recording video on a PC requires a lot of disk-space and big chunks of it. When the program is recording video it will start skipping frames when it is looking for new clusters to save to.

My current specs are:

OS: Win 7 64Bit
MB: Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H
GPU: Radeon HD 5870
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE (@3,4 GHz)
HDD: OCZ Vertex II SSD, + some fast SATA Drives (got around 1TB of Space)
Screen: Asus VW266H

I tried saving the capture on the SSD and on the Sata Drives, space is not an issue.
Thanks for the replies so far.

  1. I am saying is Frapps, VLC and many free or free trial software can and will drop frames even if your PC hardware is up to specs.
  2. Not having your PC powerful enough for the multi-tasking job of running a game + screen capture video will cause drops in frame rates

First attack is right on HDD you should defrag before anf after a screen grap video. Never Defrag a SSD as it will tear the drive apart.
You are better off saving the video to a HDD instead of a SSD. Also a SSD =/= HDD. A Hard drive Disk (HDD) uses magnetic platers (or disks) to save data to. Think of it as a huge stack of floppy disks on super steroids. A Solid State Drive is pretty much a very large Flash Drive. Both have there pros and cons. SSD are not known for much storage space (even the OCZ Vertex II).

Looking over the system specs, Nice very similar to my own system minus the SDD. The monitor it self will have no impact on the actual screen capture.

I do suggest to take your game you are trying to screen capture, and reduce the settings from high to mid or even low. This will reduce the strain on ystem resources and give more resources to the Video screen capture.
If you are already running your game at mid or low setting normally, forget getting professional grade screen capturing, video screen capture happens in real time
there more processing power (both CPU and GPU) required to perform a video screen capture than it is for running some fighting game.

This is something I am not trying to discourage, but this is also something I can’t just “hold your hand” or talk you though step by step as there process is for the most part the same, the exact steps is different with each setup, not just hardware wise but software wise too.

To do really-good video capture you going to need pricy, expensive software, I am talking around the $500 price and up.
Also Windows 7 Home Premium x64 isn’t going to cut it ether, were talking Pro or Ultimate x64 installations.

Also the folks in the gaming industry that does quality video for ppublic viewing uses some beefy sever grade hardware.
Were talking 2 Intel Xenon Hexa core processors, liquid cooling, top of the line video cards in quad SLI or cross fire config and hard drive space that makes me cry-my-self-to-sleep-at-night sizes.

Don’t get me wrong your PC is good for what it is a gaming machine, its a very good mid range gaming machine. I do not expect the PC gaming hobbyist to have anything better than mid range as the upper scale gets hella expensive.

What hardware I am referring to extends/exits out of the high end gaming category all together and go into the lower end Pro/Server category

I got a Pro Version of Win7. Was busy getting my IT Diploma :wink: Now i got time to look into it. I was just curious why it was dropping frames even if it´s just a replay and not a “live” match. I´ll get some capture software and try different settings. Up until now i just used max settings when recording replays, i´ll switch the quality etc and tell you guys how it went. Thanks for the information.