Screen stuttering


I play SSFIV:AE on Windows 7, 64 bit edition. My video card is Radeon HD 5770. I have installed the latest drivers.

Sometimes, usually playing online (but not exclusively), with no apparent reason the game starts skipping every 10 frames and then showing next 10. My video card is quite noisy, but during those unshown 10 frames it stops chirping. What I get is an intermittent video (video stuttering). To fix this, I have to quit the full screen mode (Alt+Enter). If it doesn’t help, I have to mash Alt+Enter until it does. This never helps if the game’s resolution matches the Windows desktop resolution and always ends with the match (when the winning character screen is shown). It’s bearable, but very annoing.

I have no idea where to start looking for the problem. Any help would be appreciated.


I suppose the most obvious question would be; what temperature is your card (and CPU) running at during these moments? You can use HWiNFO64 to log your temps.


as said check your CPU and GPU temperature

check if anything running in the background isnt conflicting with SF

disable windows Aero when playing SF


Thanks for your advices. I think Windows Aero might be the culprit. I’ll check this out and see if disabling it changes anything.