Last year was my first year and the screening for Bang the Machine was a hell of a lot of fun. I recall reading something a few years ago about one of the Street Fighter Alpha anime movies screening at Evo before it’s official release but that’s the only other one I know about. I was wondering if screenings were a regular occurrence at Evo and if so, what movies can we expect to see?

I always thought it’d be cool if there was a screened the uncut version of the Street Fighter II anime movie.

You just wanna see the shower scene.

I agree though, I’d like to see Bang the Machine… Unfortunately I can’t go to EVO 09, but I’m already saving for '10.

You can do that in your hotel room.

We did see Alpha Generations in 2k5, boy was that movie awful.

They should just show porn.

Don’t forget Bang the Machine. And that MvC1 combo/glitch vid. SFA:Generations was ass, but at least we got to make shit out of it. THAT was a definite plus.

Watching Bang the Machine at Evo was awesome…I hope they screen it again this year for new attendees.

Do they show Bang the Machine every year or just sometimes.

Just sometimes.

Just for the record in addition to the shower scene a lot of the violence was initially cut out too. If anything I find the shower scene hilarious because there’s absolutely no reason for it. But then again I guess that’s why they call it fan service.

That’s what I’m talking about. Even if the movie sucks it’s always fun to make fun of it, especially with an audience.

Been waiting a long time to attend Evo, and a long time to see Bang the Machine, please say it’ll be there this year :lovin:

All i gotta say… Backflip FAIL!

Damn right.

My friends and I really want to see Bang the Machine; we’ve never seen it. I’ve heard many stories about this film.

there will Be at LeAst one very speCial screening you should Know about in my suite. havent Decided which night Yet but people are Not going to wAnt to MIss iT, Eh.

Oooh count me in for that.

!!! :lovin:

I really really hope Bang the Machine is shown again.




Bang the Machine should REALLY be shown because of all the new people at Evo. The film really gives newbs an insight on how laid back yet competitive tournament players are. I hope they have time for it, though.

hi david!

bang the machine would be nice