Screenland Showdown 2 8/14/11


1 Team EMP
2 Team Rex Rahsaan
3 Team Run Stop Legs
4 Team Drank
5 Team Ghost Type
5 Team NecroPHANTASIA~
7 Team Meta
7 Team Ax and Sam

SSIV:AE Singles
1 Dieminon
2 Santhrax
3 Dr.Kong
4 Samson
5 Radian
5 Rexor
7 Shekeib
7 Axiom

MvC3 Teams
1 Team EMP
2 Team Neo
3 Team Bannana Split
4 Team STL Beast Squad
5 Team Taco Bell
5 Team Meta
7 Team MGF is my hero

MvC3 Singles
1 Rexor
2 Gilty
4 Dr.Kong
5 Focra
5 Shekeib
7 Samson
7 Evil Rashaan

1 Simon
2 Shekeib
3 Samson
4 Trith
5 Jessurugi
5 Roblox
7 Focra
7 SFCatGirlFanatic

1 DatBoiSTL
2 Axiom
3 Prod1gy
4 Boxy
5 Mr.Mr
5 Santhrax
7 SFCatGirlFanatic
7 Dopplor

1 Tim K
2 Blargh
3 Philp K
4 Black Phantom
5 Bgunter
5 Mr. Mr
7 Emrald
7 Jamming

1 dmac
2 Jayce
3 Massive
4 SP
5 Xion
5 Tim K
7 SpireFan
7 Jamming

Shoutouts to be done later

Kansas City Gaming: Hype for No Reason

its RunStopLegs… not RS Legs


Good Fucking shit rexor.


My favorite moments:
Gllty knocking Rashaan to losers
MGF eliminating Rashaan, then rex running around in excitement!!
Kong getting his tournament win over Rex in AE

Good job to the tournament organizers, it was a dope event! And shout outs to all the out of towners as well, I really enjoy playing new peeps :party:


Full results please?

I’d be happy to sort through it and do it. I’d just like to see some full results for a change.


Blargh - what happened? You were supposed to win mk… but instead you got CAGED!


I only post top 8 to keep the 1st post short. If there is any bracket you would like to see specifically please ask


That was yet another awesome Screenland Showdown. So much room, so many casuals.
AntKC and Jspot should host more.

Santhrax and Evil Rashaan were among the toughest I’ve ever faced and I only won with some extreme luck. That level of competition is what I look forward to facing.
If you’re wondering why my team is so weird, it’s because I play my favorites. I looked at my team, learned them individually and then I forced synergy wherever I could through hours of training mode.

Focra got me again, I’m pretty sure keepaway is the bane of my team except Dante.
My alternate team was pure fail as well. Oh well, I’ll figure something out.

Gllty, nice job killing me in the tournament, that was fun. Also

MGF means…


something that heavily pertains to my interest, while remaining simple and memorable.

Anyways, When I get a better job and maybe a car or something, I should be able to make it out to Saint Louis for the larger tournaments in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone who gave me support, which was quite unexpected. That was cool. I have never seen that much hype for any of my matches.

Playing TVC against a live person was cool, too. PJ was killing me in that, as if he never dropped it. Nice.

Oh yeah, my favorite part of the stream recording was “MGF doesn’t drop combos.” The timing of that line was perfect.


GS To everyone I played against. Had a helluva-time. MGF, you are a hero among men. Glad to have played against you.
Rex. I will get better and we’ll run that MM back. Hopefully, I’ll be better enough to not get bodied that easily.
All of KC. Thanks everyone for the hospitality. You guys have been great. One of the only few reasons why I would ever come back to Kansas. Stay Classy!


Yo, that was fucking fun. Well worth the time, even if I played like shit.

Shoutouts to EMP for holdin’ it down, and bringing the hype. Glad you guys could make it. Big ups to Dieminion for making me look free in casuals lol.

Big thanks to Ryan, JSpot, Ant, Boxy, and Triforce for making this happen. You guys are godlike. Much love (no homo).

I wont do individual shoutouts, because that would take forever. But, I’ll do it by game:

AE: Rex and Chachi…you guys made me look like a bitch. Although, playing you guys has got me thinking about what I truly need to work on, and that’s all that matters. Next time will be different, I guarantee it.

MvC3: I have no fucking idea why I entered this, but I had fun. To the guys who beat me; you’re welcome for the free wins! :3 I’ll probably stop playing this when I get AH3 and when KoF XIII/SFxT drop.

T6: Again, I was just free wins. I did love playing you guys (John and Deron). My sole reason for entering was to get a feel for things…I did learn a bit about what’s safe and what’s not, though I’ll dig into some frame data to make sure. Expect me to be puttin’ in work on that and not be so damn free.

GG: This was hilarious. I love trollin’ you, Deron lmao. I don’t know much about that game, though you did say Baiken was a bad matchup for Millia. I’ll be hittin’ the lab with that game as well. So much fun. What’chu know 'bout Random Select Eddie??? O.O

3S: My god, playing that on stick is fucking garbage. It was a blast though. Whoever the Dudley is I fought; you were sick, dude. I hope we can get people playing that game more when 3SO hits. It’s so much fun, I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to play it.

Overall, great time; glad to see everyone again. Kieth, I’m sorry I missed you there; I wondered how you knew who I was. O.o It’s good that you made it out, though. Also, thanks Comcast for the shitty internet which went down THREE times during the stream. I fucking missed AE Grand Finals. ;_;


Awesome stuff. Good shit Boxy, Ryan, Ant, Team EMP, and everyone else who made this possible.

For MK, GGs to Tim and Philip K. Thank you guys for giving me a reason to quit sleeping on the MK grind. You guys were definitely the best competition I’ve had in MK since playing Bobsmack at the MK Max Out premiere. Kinda mad at myself for not performing better, but that’s what I get for slacking. (A quick web search would have told me that Ermac vs. Cage is 3-7… ouch.) I’m gonna just focus on a couple of characters now instead of spreading out with a lot of characters like I did.


For GG/BB, fun times in casuals, too bad no one brought GG the 2nd day though.

For AE, GGs all around. Even though I got blown up, I’m happy I got a chance to fight Team EMP in a tourney.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll have another tourney at Screenland sometime in the future. Good times.


Had a real good time. Only got to go on saturday though, rough. Thanks to the community for being as awesome as I expected.

Doppler- It’s dwayne isn’t it? All of our matches are real fuuuuuckin close, sorry I had to zone like an asshole the very last match, not my style :frowning:
Jspot - just…rape, I only figured out one tactic against you and that never worked, keep representing those mexican chefs.
IC25 - You’re so patient, complete anti-thesis to my own Guile. It totally showed. I always try to adapt or pick up. I only picked up from my brutal beat down. Glad I finally got to play you though

I’m still bad with names so I forgot a few of the people I played, I’m still learning a lot for AE so thanks to you guys for helping me along the way. :smiley:

Le, jspot, and the occasional axiom, props to keeping this tourney running smoothly!


Gosh that was so awesome!
Shoutouts to Lee most def. He was the 1 that was nice enough to let me use the 360 instead of ps3 when i got paired. And the match i had against him in loser’s bracket was 2 close. My Zangief/T.hawk vs his Fei Long, was just, wow. I think it came down to both of us with 1 game and 1 round on both are sides. I’m glad i could play against 2 good fei long’s it helps me more on knowing their rushdown game they have (trust me, it comes in handy to know not to condor dive on a fei a lot. Because i got combo’d a couple times from that.)

Shoutouts to that really good makoto girl that i played in winner’s bracket. It was really close and nerve wrenching (in a good/fun way). I’m glad i made good character/controller choices in the street fighter tournament (unlike my first round in melee). While she kinda did flip out after i won. I was impressed on how fast she mellowed down and simply said “good game” and reported the game herself.

And shoutouts to that sick honda player i played a ton in casuals on the xbox. And the awesome melee crew! those guy’s were so awesome and fun to hang with!
I enjoyed the enviroment and diversity of all the fighting games and people there.

And finally shoutouts to the really really nice bartender lady (sorry i don’t know much of your names yet :/) and the dude that had brawl minus and that pimped out red wii! What fun! I’m definitely getting brawl minus now!

O and all the people that let this amazing event happend and that pitched in also! Including shoryuken/other sites for helping to tell people about these awesome events. I plan to attend A TON more tournaments. I can’t wait!

Always churnin that butter-SPIRE_FAN


Shoutouts to all the people I played in MvC3, especially the StL guys whose names I don’t remember, but me and my friend got tons of casuals with. You guys were awesome. :slight_smile: Gotta work on keeping Dormammu alive, so I don’t have to rely on Hulk/Sentinel almost every match, but I’m happy I got so much experience playing.

Apologies to the people I played in-tournament for AE. Sorry for wasting your time. :frowning: Picking Hakan wasn’t a troll, I swear!


Man, I hate that I missed this. Work lockdown :frowning:

Good shit guys - I’ll have the announcement up for the next FRQ soon so the hype can continue!


For the record, I’d like to inform you that it’s supposed to be Dhoppler. But we’ll work on that next time. For now, I’m just gonna try to work away my sorrows for how free I was over the weekend. Just gotta improve for Season’s Beatings.

EDIT: And I’d like to see a full bracket myself…I think.


Great tournament and over all weekend as always in KC. Thanks a lot for housing us and putting on the event Ant. Shout outs to EMP for coming out and Rahsaan for teaming with me in AE. MGF beasted this weekend man, shit was nice.




vids on archive

hd coming to youtube soon


o wow crazy results.

good stuff to the placers