Screenshots for Frames for Rips

Everybody should know by now that I’m a decent Sprite ripper. But there are a few things missing from my “collection” that I’d like to make.


Sol’s “Tyrant Rave” from Guilty Gear X (which is in the works, I’m re-using Air-Gunflame for that)or perhaps his original from Guilty Gear (the flame spiral).

Ky’s original Guilty Gear “vs. Sol intro” where he Strikes the Ground with Fuuraiken sending Sparks across the ground and says something along the lines of “Keita kutsu kitso” something like “The Final Battle”

Ky’s original Destroy Move “Divine Voltage” I think is what he says, it’s the Electric Cross move from the original Guilty Gear.

I’m putting this here because I liked those moves and what I want ISN’T SPRITE RIPS…I’m doing that part…I want CRYSTAL CLEAR GUILTY GEAR (not X not X2) SCREENSHOTS FRAME BY FRAME of these moves.

A good way I recommend doing this is by using a PSone Emulator and the Game you yourself own…play it, do the moves and then use something I recommended earlier in the GGXXR Sprite Thread called “Animget” it’s a little ap I found that can take frame by frame shots of most 2D games and it’s pretty easy to use.

Now, once you get these screenshots, it’s pretty easy to zip them up in a zip folder (you do have Winzip, right?) and either put them here for download or you can contact me by AOL Instant Messenger (my Username is Mimeblade).

And trust me, once I rip these sprites, people will be very happy. Also, if I can, I’d like to re-draw the sprites in the Modern GGXXR level of Graphics (wouldn’t THAT be cool!) :slight_smile:

So, please help me out and get those screenshot frames for me!