Screenz March Tournament Results!

u’ll get that 5 dollars when i get my crossup bitch!!! lol

You didn’t get that $10? Hmm…awkward.

i really wish i coulda come for HDR :frowning: i should be at the april one if you guys have one, if it’s the weekend of the 24th though, i can’t go

The Point Standings have been updated in the Main Post. I only posted the Points that the peopel in here would care about. Check the Main Post for all the up to date info.

Keits, I did post that, which I should have added the line just like I did with Brawl, cause the only way I could do the pay out I said was if it got the amount of people that I had in the required section for Brawl Singles. But that’s ok. I will still pay you the $10 I said I would pay in the tourney thread, it is my fault for not editing it like I had intended to.

Slayer, it is looking more than likely that the day I would do it on is on the 25th, so I am sorry if that is inconvinient, I had to look for a date that did not conflict with other things, but I am mostly catering to locals, so if the locals can make it, it should be fine. I hope to see you in future events though. :slight_smile: