Screw Attack's 3S Review/Retrospect


Pretty basic, but good seeing Craig likes the 3S :wink:

Woo exposure :wink:.

Not surprising…Screwattack is a friend of Street Fighter. They are admittedly obsessed with the game.

wow its been 10 years since 3s? it doesnt feel like it.

I still want to see some random celebrity at Evo playing.

Like John Stamos playing Remy in 3S or something.

Or Fabio playing Alex.

I just think it’d be awesome.


The game was so ahead of its time that we’re still adjusting to it!

[I know when I first saw 3s I was blown away by the graphics. I didn’t know 'ish about all the fighting mechanics it offered though. :amazed:]

Wrong Section, I’m sure. 3S = Fighting Game. Further, this would be appropriate in the Video Section.

This video doesn’t discuss the game mechanics at all, its more of a fan video, so doesn’t really belong in “fighting game discussion”

I contemplated putting in the video section, but its a not a video of game play or the game itself its an opinionated video editorial, its a “general” compilation.

If this were to be moved, the video section would be the most appropriate place, though it still fits in general discussion.

Anyhow that was my reasoning ;).

It’s actually 8… but it’s been 10 since the first SFIII which I think is the main thing to compare to SF4.

You’re reasoning makes Paris Hilton look like Einstein. It’s a video, about a fighting game.

Don’t know where the fuck “general” would come in, and nullify it’s subject from the aforementioned. You’re straight trippin’ G.

but you know the fg guys would bitch their not discussing in detail of the game.

Good job taking my idea. I asked Wiz on IRC for celebrity appearances at EVO next year. Still haven’t gotten a response to that.


Haha. I unno. I’m definitely not one of those guys, I suspect.

exactly, people would complain if we put it there :looney:. Can’t please anyone, but back to topic, if this needs to be moved, a mod will do it. :wink:

Discussion about what? How terrible the players were? Why in the hell, after 20 + years, people still mispronounce Ryu’s name? Or talk about Street Fighter 3rd Strike as a whole?

With the exception of the Ryu issue, the others would effectively be Fighting Game discussion.


Talking about lols and exposure:

rofl Viscant !


I sure am glad I made it here to


holy hell I remember seeing that episode and I totally forgot about that troll looking biotch.

Little known fact about that.

I was minding my own business, off watching some intense CvS1 action (sadly). James Chen and Omni come RUNNING up to me (fastest I’ve ever seen that white boy move) and omni’s like “we need you to give an interview, right now!” He told me that there were a bunch of people scrubbing it up and making us look bad. So I had to try and sound interesting and keep their attention so they didn’t go interview more standard game nerds.

I managed to keep their attention for about 30 minutes. Those small clips were like…the only part they could actually show, because people were acting like morons during the entire bulk of the time I was on camera. Crackpr0n humped my leg like a dog off and on and some guy I don’t even know tried to kiss me a few times.

BTW, I should have listened to the white guy in the glasses. I never learned how to block in Marvel.

–Jay Snyder