Screw Capcom! Fatal Fury Special!

Fatal Fury Special is coming out any day now (hopefully) and it’s time this thread gets going. Tags? Characters? Strats? Etc?

Post. NOW!

I’ll have to download the trial first. The original Fatal Fury games just seem kinda dated. SNK should have went with KOF 98 or MOTW, something the hardcore fans could have really gotten people excited about, rather than using a Fatal Fury game in the hopes of trying to cash in on casual fighting fans’ nostalgia (if any) for the series.

If they insisted on going old school, why didn’t they use Samurai Shodown II?

Couldn’t agree more, the FF series was never that popular while SamSho 2 is one of the all time classics. I’ll prob. still get it though, the more online 2d fighting the better. I just won’t be playing it much at all once SSF2T HD comes out :wonder:.

People are going to die my my hands with I run thru them with Kim Kaphwan!!!

Coming out on what? I hope its not PS2.

Look at the section this is in.

Shadowstep u prob will run through everyone with Kim considering how he is God tier n all.

Can’t wait for this to come out, when is it due? I was hoping for today, but all that was waiting for me on xbla was PACMAN CE :frowning:

PACMAN CE? Is that the one where Blinky can trap PACMAN in the corner with his Scissor Kick pattern and just whittle his life away?

So no actual release date yet?

Wtf is the FFS tier list, anyway?

IIRC it’s Ryo and Geese on top.

any word on samurai spirits?

On the Wii. Not the 360.


I think they would rather package Garou and 98 for retail sale seeing as they are much more popular.

I can’t wait to download this game. I love Geese. But I rather see Mark of wolves than FFS.