Screw In Pushbuttons

I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this but I need some minor help. I have a TE fightstick with screw in pushbuttons but they seem to be loose every now and then. Is there a way to make it so that the buttons stay in place. Tightening the screw ins doesn’t seem to work for me.

Torque it down tighter.

Do what I did. I cut out a paper “washer” to help keep them in place. Also, make sure that the nuts are put in right. I’ve noticed that if you flip the nuts around, it wont be as tight.

could try teflon tape.

once you tighten the nut as much as you can, grab the square “microswitch” area of the button and give it a hard twist counterclockwise. my Seimitsu screw-ins never came loose after I did this

I will try all of these tips thanks guys

That might be the issue. I tighten mine on the side with bumps and not the flat side. I will flip it around and try the flat side. That might solve this problem. Thanks