Screw in Seimitsu Buttons, not staying in place


Alright so, i’ve had my glorious Juri TE stick for awhile but, I have one problem with it.
I use Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Screw ins.

So, since i’m a newb and all to Fightsticks, my issue is after playing on the stick the buttons will spin and become out of position.

Is there a certain way to screw them in properly? I’ve tried multiple ways but they still end up coming out of place and spinning during gameplay.

Oh, and about the top left button which is X for 360 controllers, the metal gets in the way when I attempt to screw it in tight enough. Any tips?



Did you put the screws on the right way? One side of the screw have small “pegs”, that should grip the panel a little.

For the “X” button I believe you put the screw on the metal panel first then screw in the button, not the other way around (I think you mean the joystick mount is in the way, yes?).


Yeah, I put them where the pegs are touching the metal surface. But, like no matter how hard I tighten it, they always come lose.
And yeah, I meant the mount.

edit nvm it’s the A button not X but i’m fiddling with the stick atm, maybe I can get this to tighten correctly.


I’m having the same problem with mine as well… I try not to over tighten cause I dont want to crack the plexi but some of them get loose after a while…


Take a piece of card stock (about 186gsm or heavier) then cut out your button layout to act as a sort of paper washer. This always works for me.


Okay, I believe I got them tight in. I did however damage 3 of the black parts of the buttons a lil bit, but they’re fine. Hope it stays in, I tightened them pretty snug.

@d3v I’ll have to try that when I get some change.


washer A button problem, i slid the plastic washer into place and screwed the button in.

for tightness, i have a grip tool that i use (GENTLY but firm) after screwing it in by had, i give it a 1/8 turn and it really locks it in. but, yes, i had a lot of problems with this with sem’s in the past.

i really like that ‘washer’ idea of d3v’s.


You can try wrapping the threads on the buttons with some thread seal tape (aka teflon tape, aka PTFE tape, aka plumber’s tape) - that’s what I used to keep my balltops in place.

Thread seal tape

For things like arcade sticks, you don’t need to get anything fancy - I got a roll of it at the dollar store.


a lot of people have problems with the TE mounting plate getting in the way of screw-ins. easy fix to get a little more room in there is to use a flathead screwdriver to “slightly” pry up the mount for that extra mm of space. I am not saying use extreme force and rip the mounting upwards but to just pry it up a little bit to get the nut underneath. After a little room you can place the nut over the hole and screw the button into place by turning the pushbutton. easy easy. the paper washer D3V talks about is what I use and it has worked very well. I havent had movement in my pushbuttons since I placed them inbetween as instructed. Takes some time to cut them out but worth the effort when it comes to constantly opening the stick to re-tighten screw-ins.


My Seimitsu screw-ins come loose every 2-3 weeks as well (not every single one, but a couple). I don’t know if it’s the way I play or what. I have just reserved myself to having to open my TE every other month. I screw them in really tight and the pegs are the right way.


Just wrap some plumber’s tape below the nut after you’ve screwed the button in. Holds up quite well.


Glue gun those suckers.


hot glue works but you gotta screw in that nut FAST or it hardens and your only half way screwed on. it works tho if you are quick


Just hold on to the black square “microswitch” area of the button and give it a tight squeeze counter-clockwise. My seimitsu screw-ins were so tight afterwards I had to use a hammer+screwdriver to help unscrew the nut when I replaced the buttons. lol