Screw it, Im only maining Gouken

Ive been going through a bunch of characters, Elfuerte, DUDLEY, Ken, Adon DJ. Its just too much work keeping track of matchup data for all those characters. Im done im dedicating all my street fighter 4 time to Mastering gouken for now on untill i master him.

I still dont have a solid matchup memory for every character with gouken just need to work on him and him alone. Trying to find a second character has been setting me back.

Although once i feel comfortable with gouken I want to learn fuerte. Hes fun to use.

Anyway Im thinking of buying a note book and making it my match up knowledge book. Have it with me at all times even at tournys to remind me of the Fundamentals of every matchup gouken has. I will take alot of information from the matchup thread here along with my own experience and write it down. I want to increase my knowledge for match ups for every character therefor making me an unstoppable beast.

Anyway, How do you guys remember all your matchup data. Its awesome and crazy that we have to know how to fight 30+ characters and remember the best ways to take em out and OS safe jumps situational punishes for every character. If i aim to go pro I must do this heh lol. I really appreciate this forum and the knowledge I have sucked from it and will keep sucking from it.

Its 2011 and Im aiming big. Im going all out with gouken, Once get my own place and money flowing better I will be traveling to Minor and Major tournys. I hope to become well known and respected as a strong gouken player. Thats my dream heh.

Good luck with that, do what you doing. I might have to do the same thing, but just so many char i like …deejay, honda, feilong, yang, abel.

Yes indeed i mean this game has 30+ characters your going to find other U like. I love playing fuerte I feel like Im free as a bird when i play him. Hes pretty much my sub character right now. I really want to get good with him.

As for DLC characters If they add Alex,Rolento, Maki(final fight) or Eagle. will be playing them!!!

for now though I need to master gouken.

good for u man. If you’re serious about playing and learning Gouken then I say do it and never look back. Gouken is so much different than every character in the game so its very beneficial for you. Its great to have goals and actually start doing something to accomplish them.

Keep it up!
I decided the same thing, but i coulndn’t do it.

In this game, once you reach a certain spot of skill… if you know the matchup better than your enemy, 80% of your win is that matchup knowledge.
Beyond that point in skill, learn one single character is a must. Knowing different characters at once creates bad habits, bad distance and timming reads, and hurts your game.

I concur with you friend

Indeed. BTW year just started and i already have 3 local tournys to go to. Wish me luck!!

You don’t need luck.
You, sir, are fucking awesome :wink:

Just go and kick some asses!!

I tried Guile, Akuma, Balrog in the process… I am quite ok with Guile, but they just dont have the fun factor of using Gouken…
Gouken is fun and equally frustrating at the same time… But then i played him since SF4, nothing making me abandon him now.

He is still my main, but i am having fun with Fei Long too…

Thank you! Im going all out!

Yea I so agree with him being fun and frustrating. But with Arcade edition comming alot of thats gona change. We will be able to reaction tastu without kongo bullshit. Create more shinanagins with air parry and lots of other things although Kongo set into 3 parts has me worried a bit lol.

Been playing him since vanilla also and dont ever plan on droping him.

Been taking a long break from this game due to anger. I really need to chill out. Anyway back to training again. I broke two sticks last week lol. God this game is frustrating. It takes an iron will for me to stay calm…

I have experience with this type of situation Blaze. Last year, around May or so, I completely gave up on Gouken. After maining him a week after SFIV’s release, I said “fuck this character, and fuck this shit!” I went straight to Ken (because I fart around with him in training mode for shits n’ giggles) and began climbing up the ranks with him. I get to around 4000 BP and I come across a Gouken in Ranked. I said to myself “I know this character like the back of my hand, this guy is SCREWED!” Bro…this guy tore me to pieces. All the things I “used” during my play w/Gouken did not help me none at all. My ken back then was pretty good. So this angered me even further. I stopped plauying SF for about a week and a half. When I came back, I reviewed my loss. I realized then that he didn’t beat my Ken. He BEAT ME. That hit me so hard. I thought, if he read ME and my intentions with just one round of play…then I can do that too and destroy anybody with Gouken. I immediately ran back to Gouken. Haven’t looked back since man. Don’t give up. Not only is Gouken one of the most unique (and weird lol) characters in the game, but he is also the most DEVIOUS in my opinion. GET THOSE GAMES IN!

Yea im NEVER giving up on gouken. Unless They add a DLC character im interested in Its looking like gouken will be my main forever. I personally Feel he can beat anyone in the right hands (In MY hands). Thank you for your post!!!

Always willing to lend a hand to another guy who mains the old man ;). Oh, try this new trick I came up with. It is useful for backthrow mix-up situations. backthrow===> (now, DO NOT wait until the last moment to bring it out. Make sure the opponent lands on the VERY TIP of Gouken’s foot)===>choose whichever version of the d.flip and kick/parry/slide-sweep according to how you think the opponent will react to such a weird mid-air reset. The main strength of this technique is no matter what version (except EX) d.flip you choose to cancel into…the result will always look the same until the very end. This is especially useful against shoryu twitchy shotos. Also, in most cases the opponent’s attack won’t count as a reversal! Games, games…and MORE GAMES!

^ Yeah that little tool is golden if used at the right time. I put a vid. up about it in the vortex section of the dojo thread a while back. You can use it after your fadc resets too. It beats out all dp and dp like reversals if you use mk gf dive kick depending on when you press kick you can cross them up too, use Lk to always land in front but from my use of it dp reversal beats the Lk gf dive kick. Its still useful though, after you with them with mk dive kick a few times they’ll try to dash under and Lk dive kick can lead to a max punish for them trying to dash under the reset.

Its things like this that matter a lot to me bc they give way to your other mind games and set ups, but most Goukens would much rather not explore these options or think outside of the box to get better, so you’ll usually get some response of how ineffective it is, even though its been possible to do since the vanilla days.

^ lol sorry iam if I seem like I just took that idea off of your excellent vortex vid. But I honestly discovered it for myself late last year by accident (I was drunk lol) in training mode! Anyway thanks for the extra informative input on the…hmmm what would be a good name for that particular reset technique? Anybody have a good idea for a name?

I tried maining other characters after being frustrated with Gouken…I was never comfortable with anyone else lol. I learned how to play SFIV with the damn character, so yeah. Helps that he’s my favorite anyway lol. So I just learned to better my Gouken. It’s working so far…other than Cammy, he fortunately doesn’t have that bad of matchups. I rarely ever feel I’m losing because my character sucks anymore, even vs Cammy…I just lose because I got outplayed or didn’t play the matchup well.

No worries about that man I don’t own Gouken lol, its called the immafukyouupifudosomethingstupid reset.

I’d like to call it the “Toe-Flip!” or “Demon Toe!”

Call it T.I.A. toe in ass!

How about the “Gouken Toe”?