Screw it, Im only maining Gouken

Why don’t you use cr.fp or s.fp instead? The stun is quite significant. You can also use mk or fk Gouken flip to land on the other side or even cross-up if you time it right.

Better positioning and Gouken is less likely to be hit out of it.

n00b question. Why do this as opposed to HK.tatsu? Does it do more damage? I tend to HK.tatsu if I haven’t got any gauges to use on it. I can j.MP->MK.tatsu, but my execution isn’t good enough to do it regularly.

Anyway, yeah. What’s the benefit in turning it into a mixup when you have them helpless? Is it the potential damage you get from combo’ing off of the demon flip kick?

I’m at the point that I’m not really playing much gouken anymore, Been playing a lot more dudley. It’s nice being able to play a character that can rush down effectively, one that commands a certain amount of respect. I still play the old man but I need a character to compliment him.

Wow, not even joking ive been feeling the same way. I love the pressure and frame traps you can set up with dudley and its really nice change of pace from playing gouken.

Yo, GGs Blaze. x THTB x is my GT btw.

Oh so that was you. GGS indeed my friend!! Its allways nice to meet another good gouken player even though I hate mirrors lolol.

Well ok Moved into my apartment now. Got my own internet service now!! Time to start my gouken training again now that I dont have to worry about lag comming from me. Let the good times role!!!

Gouken is my dad…for realz. :o