Screw size on Hori VLX Sanwa mounting plate?

Anyone know the screw size of the small screws that fix the Sanwa mounting plate in place on the Hori VLX?

The plastic bit on the actuator cracked in half, and I stripped two of these screws trying to replace it. Hori screwed them in way too tight.

They are supposed to be that tight. You can avoid stripping the heads of screws by doing 3 things.
1 Losen all and any glue
2 use the correct size and type of screw driver.
3 push slightly with a downwards force

try to cut a slot on the top of the screws with a dremelor other metal cutting tool and use a flat head.
as for the size, your on your own.

If you just need to replace the actuator, you don’t need to unscrew the joystick.

Just remove the e-clip with a small flathead screwdriver:

Remove the actuator.

Replace with a new one.

Hold the actuator down and put the e-clip back on.

Thanks guys. Nerrage, that’s awesome, appreciated. I still do have to replace those screws though. I bought the set they have @ Focusattack since I was buying some colored button plugs anyway.

Since I have the spare new JLF I will just replace the whole thing when the screws come and then either operate on the broken one later or sell it at a discount. I was pretty surprised that it actually cracked like that, but I guess it’s seen heavy use for a while now.