Screw stuck in case


So I was modding my Datel stick, installing the JLF and all and I noticed the main body was coming off: because the screws I put in there were not very good. So I took them off and while experimenting with another screw, it was a bit too long and without even applying much force it became stuck: I can’t pull it out. This is a problem because now I just can’t mount the PCB as the screw is in the way. Any good way to help pull it out? I’ve been trying pliers and it seems to be very slowly coming out, but goddamn I’ve been at it for an hour and a half now.


Got a pic? Need more info, but sounds like it’s run to the end of its thread and bottomed out.

Usually, pushing down on the end of the screw, or levering under the head whilst unscrewing it will push it back onto its thread and then it’ll wind out normally


Seems like you’re screwed.


The near face palming avatar could not be more appropriate right now.


Dremel® it


I ended up drilling the head of the screw, and left it there: since now it goes through one of the microswitches’ screw holes, then i superglued the main body to the case, and it seems rock solid. I have no idea why but none of the screws I tested (and i got a lot) worked well on the case, i don’t know if it was faulty in that aspect, but in any case it’s really solid now.