Screw terminal blocks


I recently purchased a piiwee board from toodles and would like to put some 2 position screw terminals on it. I bought some 5mm spaced ones from RadioShack but the pins are a little bit to far apart to fit into the board. I measured the distance from the center of one hole to another and it was basically 1/8 in. Which is roughly 3.175mm but i can’t seem to find any screw terminals that are that size. What size/spacing do I need to purchase?


Searchbar is your friend.

Also Digi-Key:


Ok thanks! I ended up ordering them from Newark/element 14 before I realized u had left that link but will def use digikey next time.


Eh, I only linked digikey because their search was simple. How is Newark’s shipping? I’ve been meaning to send in an order but that’s my main holdup.


I placed my order Sunday and it shipped out today (Monday). You can select whether you want usps, ups or a few others, and then you can select regular, priority, etc… shipping. The only thing I noticed is that some parts, not all, had a one time freight charge of $20!!! So just look out for that before you pay.


I’ve been using Jameco for most of my electronics parts orders:

They aren’t a arduino shop, don’t have (many) pcbs of any kind, but if you’re looking for wire, capacitors, diodes, connectors, housings, screw terminals, etc, they’re a pretty good find, and because they’re a supply shop their prices for those things will be cheaper than board suppliers.

Their shipping is pretty reasonable, they will hit you with a surcharge though if your order totals less than $10 or something like that.

As a side note, most through-hole setups like what Toodles uses are 3.5mm. Stock up on those. I never seem to have enough. Think about getting some 3 pin just for the odd situation.


Nice. My main gripe with Mouser/Digikey is that they don’t give you a shipping cost until they actually ship your order. Other than Mouser, I usually order from SparkFun. They are an arduino shop, and probably don’t have much for stickbuilders aside from knockoff buttons and sticks (decent knockoffs, I might add) but they are a generally good business for electronics stuff. I’ve never used Jameco myself, but I’ve worked with folks who have and they seem pretty good.