Screw this game I quit


just way too much bs in this crap i’m gonna post a final rant before it gets locked and you gay “elitest”
(f.a.g.s) say i’m a scrub even though i’m at 3nd lord 83% win rate its not like I just picked up the game yesterday.
I thought ultimate was suppose to balance everything but its just as bad as before

game itself:
-NETCODE sucks the previous version was better everytime I search for a ranked match not available then I try it 2 more times and it will work.same goes for lobbies nothing will show up unless I set everything to any then try 2 more times
-cant kick players out of lobbies really

-I face nothing but the same teams online same team/same assists since I pasted 5th lord
Wesker,Dante,vergil ,zero,frank west,wolverine,sentinal,morrigan,Dr doom - at least be creative damn.I’m only able to beat people because I know what they’re going to do next or I give up once zero gets a hit on me

-sometimes I feel like caving and picking easy characters like vergil and akuma

BS characters/annoying
-Frank west is too good can kill you in 1 combo with assists his slide kick is just as bad as she hulks in mvc3
-x23 online all I hear is “TAKE THAT” and shes flying all over the screen its annoying
-wolverine pure bullshit hes just as bad as before wtf did they change dive kick 12 hit combo fatal claw drill claw bullshit is 80% your health because the health bar lower in this game
-Morrigan WTF were they thinking all people do is spam with her online with the illusion hyper plus shes already hard to hit because of her size when she crouches she avoids everything. Problem is 90% of player will just jump and press X the entire round
-Zero I can’t F$#$# touch him
-Wesker 98% of the people online don’t know how to use him they either shoot/teleport or just keep jumping pressing X I never seen anyone but myself pull off his normal counters they’e actually really good in this version
-akuma #@$# ing spin kicks he can do it 2x and a special
-trish’s dive kick is annoying but not as bad as wolverine its just annoying watching her hover and shoot me
-Captain america his shield otg
-Taskmaster F$% this guy either running away shooting at me or mighty swing/shield slash BS

Scrubquotes is back!



It feels a lot like you are looking for someone to tell you it’s not that bad and to keep trying.

then i read the complaints.

Im going to say quit.
Every game is not for every person.

i can’t read your complaints and then say keep going.
shit is annoying in marvel 3, either take a break and realize you can’t control the outcome of matches or don’t play

I advocate being very nice to everyone but come on. your complaint about half the characters there is that they have tools.
you are claiming ryu is faster than spiderman?
what are you even talking about with morrigan?


Bye. You’re pretty much speaking for everyone who plays this online though lol.


Some of that stuff is kinda true, other stuff is dumb. Later.


Sorry but you sound like a frustrated noob. Things aren’t that bad. Take a break and come back to it later when you’ve learned to accept what the gamely is like. It took me quite a while to get used to the broken ass Hard-knockdown mechanic that has your character snoozing and unable to roll away at will like in MVC2.

Edit: Oh and you forgot Virgil spam–

Assist, teleport, assist, teleport, assist, teleport, INSANE FCKING REACH**, Assist, teleport, **I’m like 5 CHARACTER lengths away, he won’t be able to hit m…#%$&???, **assist, teleport, assist, teleport, Assist, teleport, assist, teleport, Easy bake oven combos like no tomarrow, etc.


I highly recommend playing the games you like to play in styles you enjoy playing. You might get angry that the board game Monopoly is not the board game Scrabble, but that’s really a problem in your perception. It is what it is. Play it like what it is. If you do not like what it is, find something else to do with your time.

Also, your opponents are generally not there for your amusement. They are there for their own amusement/satisfaction and will play the way they want to play. If you do not like the way they play, find other people to play. Or get good enough that you can force them to play the way you want them to play. There are a ton of awesome video games out there: if UMvC3 doesn’t make you complete, try something else.

Generally SRK is not your blog nor is it the therapy you may need. It’s a site hopefully people can use to improve and be some of the best in the world – or at least able to clown on your kid brother.


While I can agree with a lot of it, you really need to keep in mind that what your complaining about is what makes Marvel Marvel. Ciao.



isn’t that how most people beat other people?


You’re several months late.


Yes YES! let the butthurt flow through you.

See you next week, bro.

Reminder: mahvel two basically became a game of 3 characters and three assists.

Mahvel 3 will likely become something similar.

You SHOULD cave and play easy mode characters. Understanding HOW they work can give you the knowledge to beat them.

Edit: btw. Playing harder, more technical characters doesn’t make you better. People only care about who won. Feel free to join the saturation campaign.


Should have picked V.Joe + Log Trap.


how old are you? 12?

i dont think anybody actually cares. i guess you must play as all the low tier characters then eh the way you talk about all the BS other characters have? Hsien-ko, ghost rider, and Phoenix wright team then?


This Marvel 3 we’re talking about. How silly of you #Kappa


make the right choice guys


and making this thread will change things because?


I quit MvC3 silently. Stop being a whiny ass bitch.


If the game is really making you that unhappy, then maybe you should stop playing.
Think about the reasons why you started playing, for fun right? Well the deeper you get into a game competatively, the more you are going to notice patterns of character usage ect. Hardly anyone is going to pick a shitty character/team so they can be on some sort of invisible character/team “morale” high horse that people who don’t have the mindset to “play to win” always seem to have.
It just gets old.

“OMG like why are they using like good characters and teams agains me, it’s so annoying why aren’t they a creative individual mid/low tier team user like MYself. Jeez.”


I’m confused, are we supposed to be upset if you quit? Some joe random? I don’t get it.


Release your anger…join the dark side of the force(by that I mean choose all the characters you complained about like many of us did. :))

Also, I’m not sure if trolling when complaining about Trish, X-23, Cap, West and Taskmaster.

Leave homophobia out of this, it offends me.