Screw you and your subscriber only chat rooms

As if we ain’t got enough shit to pay for in life. Pay for too many things we need, too many things we don’t need; and there’s a whole lotta stuff we really want.

Not gonna write an essay but screw this shit. Viva la E-sports? =/

Screw it, semi-essay:

I just won’t pay on principle. I do not want it to become a standard either. However, seems we live in an era where people are being taken for fools, and are ok with it or ignorant about it. I don’t mind supporting LevelUpLive; and in fact wanted to…no beef against them but this greedy wave of a trend where so many twitch tournaments and general gaming sessions are restricted with subscriber only features takes the piss. Of course you guys can’t see that because you don’t mind being screwed over.

So, what if I wanna watch OGN; IPL; this tournament and the other and they all cost money? Wtf are we paying for, have you thought about that? ‘Land of the free’ and you’re paying for CHATTING priviliges on a damn STREAM?

What? Hate the spam, hate the monsters? Well if you put sub-mode only chat, then haven’t the trolls won? That was their whole damn point. Does it solve the problem when your chat room of 900+ (fluctuating) looks like this:


You guys fell for all of Capcom’s BS, all the DLC BS and other piss-taking BS of this gaming era; but for goodness sake have some self respect at some point. People always saying to “get with the times”; well it’s 2013 and this era has a price stamp on it? It’s the era of High Definition, and streaming and connectivity! Btw you might have to pay for most important 720p+ streams or be stuck at 480p (I know LevelUp didn’t do this, this whole thread is a general statement) and chatting privileges…what is this? The year 2000?

Like I remember Southtown Arcade started doing sub mode only 480p; if you weren’t subbed you were on some 340 nonsense, are you kidding me? Are the majority of you guys THAT irresponsile with your money? Or are you THAT blind? Are you THAT morally deprived? Or is this your acception of Capitalism?

“I wanna give a shout-out to all the viewers; thank you guys for supporting us, we wouldn’t be anything without you guys tuning in”…months later we are repayed with sub-mode only chat and 720p. It’s not like you automatically become a sub if you donated in the past either.

Bunch of fools mockingly chanting ‘e-sports’ when your beloved Evo is more e-sports than you would ever believe?

I seriously can’t even understand how easily fooled people are these days; you take it up the backside and defend the people/ideologies screwing you over. “Nah man, it ain’t no big deal”. Cowards on leashes.

And I don’t regret saying any of this because it is the truth and no one else was gonna say it. So let the ripple flow out; that’s the least I can do atm.


Hmmm in chat rooms during events is there actually any chatting happening? It seems its just a bunch of nonsense to me.

God forbid people can’t get their fix of Kappa LOL DOWNLOADED 5GOLDENLETTERS

I like it

Streams cost money to run.

anyone got a poverty stream up? i wanna make faces.

MVGame, ResidentSleeper

Not to mention it keeps some of the dumbs out.

This is how it should be.

If you want the world to know how stupid you are, pay up first.

Aren’t subscriber-only rooms in streams heavily moderated as well? More incentive to not behave like a retard in the chat.

There’s always poverty chats. Streams aren’t free to run. Calm down.

Glad to see this happening.

If every streamer switched to it there would be a dramatic improvement in all types of areas surrounding this community.

Like I said in some other FGD thread, it is a horrible thing that when you post a link on facebook or twitter to any stream; that your brother, aunt, coworker, potential event sponsor, etc. might click on that the first thing they see is the wall of hatred and idiocy that passes for stream chat. Just see if you can use a secondary stream for chat that what everyone did during Canada Cup. This way people who are checking a stream for the first time don’t think the community is dominated by racists and morons right before they decide never to watch another one again. It also help support the people making the stream possible.

Just gotta settle with poverty chat streams.

Better than nothing. XD

This is a terrible idea, half of the reason fighting game streams are fun is because of the crazy ass chat. Now it’s some deluded fucking boring subscriber only circle jerk.

Hype has been drastically lowered and now any chances of considering to donate or sub has gone down the toilet because pulling off a move like this just fucking sucks. Not everybody wants to set up a paypal and crap just to burn 3 dollars just to be able to express your hype. What a worthless purchase.

Also yeah Esports prophecy is becoming true yadda yadda. I just wouldn’t expect this from the FGC who are usually cool about this kind of stuff.

The good part is that maybe with this there would be less stream monsters throwing shit as usual

Whatever, why would anybody be butthurt about that. It’s adds to the hype when the chat is going fast and crazy, have you ever watched VGCW?

Consider actually going to the events and there you can talk for free!

That is not even remotely the same thing

Although supporting the community by going to events is good, it’s borderline ignorant to say this because I bet you more than 75% of the people you see in stream are not able to make an expensive flight out to wherever that event is taking place just for a fighting game tournament. What do you think streams are for? They should be about letting everybody who has an internet connection to watch the tournament and socialize with each other as it’s happening. By adding a sub only chat you are literally taking that social element out for a lot of people and it’s kind of a kick in the balls for the people who don’t want to or cannot pay. It’s like half of what makes the stream good.