Screwdriver bit size to remove the bolts inside of the HRAP2

Just like the title says:

Anyone know the bit size needed to remove the screws/bolts on the inside of the HRAP2 which exposes the buttons?

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You need a 7mm hex nut-driver (hex meaning hexagon, the shape of the nut).

Suprisingly hard to find in typical hardware stores for some reason though - I’d recommend ordering one online.

Oh I should also mention; they need to have long shafts (as the screw extends quite a distance past the nut).

You want something like these, not like these.

my dad has this kit of tools that has a ratchet screwdriver that uses socket wrench bits.
i dont know how much more that costs, but i dont think you would have to order online.

Those pretty much look the same.

the LENGTH of the TIPS are different.

if the screw that the nut is on is really long, you wouldnt be able to remove it.

Personally, I use something like this

Oh, I didn’t know that recstyler. Yeah, I was thinking of the top plate when I wrote that.

uh what?
is that not just an allen wrench?

Erm, that’s an allen key. It won’t take off the nuts. I think you’re referring to the HRAP designs where you could screw off the top plate (as the bolt-tops had hex holes). New HRAP2/HRAP3’s don’t allow you to take off the top plate - you need to open the back.

As for socket-kits - they’re often too wide to fit into some of the holes comfortably, and often don’t have hex-bits smaller than 8-10mm. On top of that, they’re expensive.

A nut-driver with extended hex shaft is the best option, period. You’ll get one for $5.

You can be ghetto like me and use needle nose pliers to remove the nuts.

i took an old flathead screwdriver and filed down the tip. thanks gamecube modders!

I can’t imagine they’d be loose. How long did that take? Screw that for a joke. :wink:

I use a 7mm nut driver too… So convenient.

I wish all HRAPs had the HRAP2SA top plate though X_X

Not that long actually. I did that when I first modded my friend’s HRAP (I didn’t know my dad had a nut driver at the time)

Thanks for the replies, I’m going to try and see if I can locate the tools at Home Depot. Any of you know if Home Depot has it off the top of their head?