Scrub Friendly Characters

Just like the title suggests, iam realy bad at fighting games, and was woundering what characters are scrub friendly = super easy BnB and easy dmg Tag in combos

the characters dosent have to be “high tier” or anything

thx in advance, any help wound be appreciated

“if possible female characters”


any other suggestions besides rufus?
if possible also why u name rufus


Im sure that everyone would agree rufus would be easy to play. He has instant air dive kicks that are safe and his combos are pretty easy to use. He has anti airs, anti air super. He’s really fast.

If you want a female character play lili. I have made a guide here on the lili section if you want to read it.

Rolento? My claim might be false since i haven’t even tried the game (although I want A LOT) but a lot of people seem to say that he’s easy and his hitconfirms are realy good and easy. Well but who am I to tell that. I haven’t even tried the damn game.

cant stand ryu and ken but ill try out gief

shotos (including sagat)

Anybody who makes use of the Alpha counter can shut down any rolento any day.

Rufus and Lili

You don’t even have to know what you’re doing…just release your baby brother on top of the stick and you’ll be fine.

Try lili

Here is my lili guide. [Character Guide] The Lili De Rochefort Walkthrough (w/ Combos/Strategy/Matchups/Videos/Frame Data)

The entire game.


Ive been struggling with Juli and nina、ill def look into ur lili guide.

the thing is iam no scrub in sf , got like 4000pp , but in games like marvel and sfxt , with long combos i just cant get good, been struggling in the lab for like 4 days

I’m sure every response after a while will be Rolento any way. If his walk speed wasn’t molasses slow he would probably run the game.

Kazuya is super fuckin easy 600 bnb no execution required

Its not just staying in the lab all day. You need to bring friends over of equivalent skill and start playing with them. Only when you lose will you find out more things you can utilize. Or play online. Combo’s aren’t the only thing in this game. You need to play SMART.

I main rolento/lili and I haven’t had a problem with his walk speed at all. Its his dash. His dash has extra frames or something and it goes nowhere.

But any person the OP would be playing against probably won’t be using alpha counters often or at all or even know what they are.

Im pretty scrubby…

I use Hworang, Sagat, Ken, Marduk(mine is terrible), Rolento and im learning Kazuya and Law.