Scrub needs training

alright heres the deal, i bought this game when it first came out and played it for about 2 weeks then stopped because i only played the original street fighter and it had seemed like alot changed. anyway, it was bugging me that i had the game sitting on my shelf and i wasnt playing it, i mean i liked it but didnt liked getting owned. so i figured the only way i will play this game is by buying a stick, which by the way i have no clue how to use. Basically i need tips on where to start, its hard trying to learn the game while trying to learn a stick also. i just put it on training mode, chose bison, picked sagat for cpu and basically was getting owned for a half hr straight seeing ass i put difficulty all the way up. then i got more into to the block counter m0de for the other half an hr, but i tell you the way i play i feel embarrassed cause its that bad. im looking into picking up ssf4 but if i cant get the hang here soon i might have to break this disc. any pointers, advice on where to start, fingers on the stick location (im trying to do the ex moves w/o L1 and R1 on the stick it just seems to far of a reach for now) any incite will be appreciated, i would really like to get someone to kick my a*S about 50 times in a row til im forced to get the hang of it.

No, flaming the scrub, as the scrub has a blackbelt in pyrotechnix, my sf game is garbage but i talk a good game!

What game?
Anyway, there is probably a strategy section for the game you’re talking about (probably SF4).
You’re probably going to get flamed.

You should probably start with “THE SF4 BEGINNERS Thread! NEW? POST HERE FIRST!” thread in the Street Fighter 4 section. =p

I’ll train you. if you’re willing to be my guinea pig

edit: it wouldn’t be SF4 or SSF4 specific training. But trust: you will rape

Cool story bro.

  1. Parapraghs…don’t be lazy.
  2. Please specify what fucking game you are crying about. We ain’t mind readers.
  3. Welcome to SRK…and your game is quite sloppy.