Scrub or Scrubclops? Why?

After returning from a long hiatus from MvC2, I’ve decided to narrow down to 3 teams to play and thats IT. Ive got the 1st 2 picked and love em. And for the 3rd I know I want to play Sentinel/Cable/ some AA assist.

I figured Cyclops was the natural choice… hit his assist, Cable gets a free AHVB x Y. But I’m curious about some other stuff that I know you experienced players can clear up real quick. Please bear with any noobishness:

  1. Why might Commando be better than Cyclops in this team? I like that a landed Cyke aaa gives my other guys free big damage. Is this the case for CapCom too? I never used him back in the day, so I’m a little fuzzy about what his aaa gives me other than good anti-rush down defense(which Cyke provides too)

  2. If I go with Cyclops, what can Sentinel do when the AAA hits? I remember off a landed Cyke aaa, with any character you can dash in, superjump, and air combo of choice. Is that what i should be thinkin w/ Sent? Or can I go into the HSF loop stuff? Havent had a chance to test that yet.

  3. Just a shot in the dark, but might Psylocke be a good fit instead? or does she not fit in this team dynamic? I’ve always been unclear about what Psylocke aaa gives me other than helping a mag/storm rushdown plan.

  4. And lastly, is there a benefit to having Cable 1st and Sent 2nd or vice versa? Both seem to be decent batteries, both seem to use meter well, and both orders seem DHC friendly. Has theory I’m unaware of answered this question already?

Thanks in advance for any responses! I’m really happy to be playin this game again, forgot how fun it is!

Scrubclops is the better team imo,

Cykes is better versus rushdown like mags, is a better point char, can be AC’ed in and DHC’ed out, and while doesn’t give the damage a commando assist does, it does setup AHVB’s and sentinal uses him well.

The only thing with commando is the damage and the fact a storm/sent has to make sure they are watching what they are doing upper screen, not to say cyke and his bullet can’t be a pain, but commando is just huge, tall and wide.

Psylocke doesn’t really do anything for cable, I’ve never seen her used with cable unless it was something like mag/cable/psy.

Commando has better zoning and damage than cykes. You can AVHB after commando hits, but you really need a good hitconfirm skill to so. Also you can go as high as you want with commando whereas Cykes you usually tend to stay low to the ground to make good use of the Cykes AAA. The good thing about Cykes is that even if you have a lame hitconfirm you still be able to AVHB for 1 or 2 secs after Cykes hits.

commando gives u more safety when u have sent or cable on point.

cyclops gives u a better 3rd character if ur trying to make a comeback.

i hate having commando as my last character with lets say full life and my opponent has like a half life character plus a full life assist.

like there is just no chance of staging a comeback. At least with cyclops u can keep playing and try and win and be proud of ur self

scrub all day.

Scrub to buff up your Sentinel
Cyke to buff up your cable.

unless your cyclops is really good, use comando. I know scrubclops looks good on paper, and its a great team, but comando is harder to avoid and i feel makes your sent and cable much more dangerous than cyclops.

the main reason i hear people picking cyc over commando is because he is a better third person, commando makes it so that you arent in that situation as often anyway.

comando does too much damage off random hits, and takes up a lot of space, easier more damaging fast fly combos.

You do give up some AVHB off random assist hits, but it puts your cable in really good position to take control or retain control of the tempo of the match, a landed cyc hit when cable has no specials or if he flinches means mags is all over cable.

Commando AAA = Easier way of Block/AAA because it’s harder for them to attack at an Angle to get around it, but then it’s harder to combo off of. Commando gets countered by Doom/Tron.

Cyclops AAA = Harder to block/AAA with, but when successful leads to big damage. Doesn’t get countered by Doom/Tron.

As far as point on point goes, Cyke > Commando, with or without assists.

Cable/Cyke > Cable/Commando
Sentinel/Commando > Sentinel/Cyke

things to do off of cyc

Call cyc, sj. lk, sj. mp, LP rocket punch. Easy to do, pretty much the best consistant damage you can do, especially in the corner without any special. you could do some fastfly combos, but you dont really need to, this activates fly screen for some nice zoning opportunities after fly screen.

Unblockable, i havent been able to get the timing down but if you can do it go ahead.

Cyc assist has some sick corner unfly combos with sent, check your local combo video for those.

As far as starting for sentinal or cable, it doesn’t really matter who you start off with. I say once you start with a team stick with it, you wont get any better by counter team picking your whole life, sometimes your cable will have to man up against a storm, cant make sent do it all the time. or start your sent against their counter team cable, storm, somebody. But my bias aside, if you start cable you have Sent assist to play with, but obviously not a lot of specials for him, and if you start sent he could be your battery. it doesnt really matter who you start off with, the team will play the same

As far as psylocke is concerned, she is a great assist. she does exactly cyc does but with less range. a psylocke hit = AVHB, sent air combo like cyc. and you will have even more problems from runaway storms and sentinals than you did with cyc assist.

On a similar note, i hate cyc when i have to fight against a storm or a sentinal, Storm avoids him easily and a cyc hit on sentinal means free unfly for him since he usually only gets hit once. both really hard to combo off of since they usually only get hit by the bullet. personally i love getting hit by cyc when i have sent, makes my stomping patterns better, and i dont get knocked away when i get hit. getting hit by capcom hurts so much you dont even need to combo off of it to do damage.

Capcom also loves to eat up other assists, especially when followed by HSF strings or AHVBs.

I guess cyke is better if you can land a hit when they standing, if hit on air they bounce a little and you can’t follow up every time. Capcom is there to beat up sent, he blast it away while cyke just ‘jab’ and sent can keep pressuring.

trust me, he has experience. psylocke into ahvb is too easy

I prefer scrub…

Clops really doesn’t help cable and sentinel as much as commando does.

captain commando is obviously better.

otherwise the default team scrub would be sent/cable/cyclops.

No, CapCom is just easier to use than Cyke. It’s called Team Scrub because it’s the easiest team for new players to pick up.

…not even going to bother responding to you. :rolleyes:

Yeah but a landed Cyke assist leads to really easy big damage? How is this true with CapCom? Seems damn near impossible to hit confirm his assist, where as Cylops I can check and read this thread before deciding if I want to AHVB after his lands.

I know its a little off topic, but similar… but as I mentioned, I play 2 other teams as well… and in the 2nd one Im facing the exact same problem. Team Watts: BH/Sent/CapCom. but again I find myself having more success with Cyke in the 3rd spot. Cyke assist hits, inferno xx HOD is free, and then into HDC HSF etc etc. Since it’s off topic of my original question, I don’t mind if we keep the focus to Scrub vs ScrubClops here. But any BH experts, I also posted something similar to this in stiltman’s “your BH might suck” thread in the BH area, again posing the question 'why capcom over cyke?" Check it out.

And to those simply stating “capcom is better” or “thats why its the default,” you’re not so much addressing the “why?” part. Tho to those who have given it some analysis, I greatly appreciate it! Thanks guys! Keep the thoughts comin!

i prefer scrub because it dishes out a lot of dmg in a little amount of time. otg stomps plus commando = to about half hitpoints to your opponent. do that twice = dead opponent. it is also difficult to get rushed down because your opponent would be weary of commando’s assist dmg. and last thing, it is easier to catch runaway/flyaway opponent than cyke.

mags are scared of sentinels with capcoms who can block. fast fly is much easier imo with capcom than to do the 2x RP fastfly combo with cyke.

cyke does help cable better than capcom, but lk lk hk + capcom assist into ahvb is just sexy.

don’t otg. everyone rolls.

I wanted to add in one tidbit nobody touched upon just yet…

Cable / Clops owns the fuckachunkz out of Sentinel
Sentinel / Commando owns the fuckachunkz out of Storm

personally, I’d pick whichever combo you can use better. eg. you fight badass Storms all day, then go with Scrub.

how does cable/clops do better against sentinal than cable/capcom? clops is easier to fly around, and if you dont shoot AVHB him after the bullet hit (which chances are is the only thing that will hit him) he gets free unfly. When sent is flying over you, and will only get hit by the optic bullet, you have the same amount of time to react than if you had capcom.

You shouldnt need cyclops to be fishing for AVHBs anyway.