Scrub question - trouble with, s.lp, ex electricty

i can’t piano, s.lp, ex electricty. after watching renic’s tutorial (mp, mp hp, lp, mp hp) i figure u have to be awesome at piano’ing to hit this. I must be messing up the timing with lp. going to keep training but if I can’t get it down soon I’m going to drop it all together. it’s not like one combo will effect my overall gameplay

actualy that is blanka’s only meterless “high”-damage combo with momentum gain afterwards…

what’s your problem with this combo? and why do you open a new thread for a simple question?


you didnt even ask a question! so whats the point?

Just do this. mp(slight pause) lp mp lp mp+hp

Use the Q&A Thread!

gud reply. i’ll hit up the training stage now

if this is in the wrong section could a mod please close. thx

What is

I cancel this shit in a very… odd… way…

s.lp xx EX Elec to me is this…


Basically I slide my index finger from LP across all three buttons, and then just claw the shit out of the punch buttons and it works for me…

close = cl.

Also that input jolthead gave was only 4 elec inputs you need 5


and Jolt gave 5…

[]MP (Slight pause)

It won’t work like that. You need to do 5 inputs in about 12 or so frames (I forget the actual number). Close mp already has 10f recovery so the game eliminates it as an input candidate for electricity. If on the other hand you do:


… then the last input will be plinked which counts as an extra input and you’ll end up with EX Electricity.

I didn’t say it would work. I just said he gave 5 inputs.

Yeah, but I think you misunderstood what Veserius meant by “4 elec inputs”.

Ah, yes I did. Sorry about that.

yeah, sorry ves is right i use it for hp not ex just make it :

mp(slight pause) lp mp lp mp 3p

I didnt have the patience for learning piano method. I use the slide method(which I could do almost immediately) My button set up is lp,mp,hp,mp. For the combo mentioned above, I just press clmp and then slide lp,mp,hp,mp,hp.I never get ex ( unless i want to).The only downside to this method is that it can hurt your finger. I use my a hair bobbel/hair tie to wrap around my finger.It works like a charm. :slight_smile:

4 buttons across the top?
Also… I’ve never hurt myself sliding across buttons… I do it all the time with Chun…

yeah four buttons across the top. I find that if I were playing blanka for more than an hour straight my finger would be pretty sore.also if your fingers are dry , it can be hard to get a smooth glide. Some people can slide gently over the buttons but this leads to me missing inputs sometimes.

Same setup, same method. Finger doesn’t get sore though, I’ve conditioned it like a kickboxer kicking a tree. Get a bucket of sand and thrust your finger into it for several hours a day. Utz, utz, utz… Etc :wink:

I suppose as a pianist, I never had this issue.

I’m telling you guys all you need to be able to do piano electricity consistently is a bit of caffeine!