Scrub Quotes: Capcom Unity Balance Suggestions Edition!

After reading several pages of these suggestions I honestly think that this deserves a thread of it’s own just for us to go ‘lolwut’ at some of the stuff (especially the stuff suggested for our mains/alts, I’m sure Mr Pavy would love the request that Dudley get a faster walk speed.)

Sure, why not just make cross counter work on EVERYTHING and completely negate characters whose main way to bait CC is with empty jump - low since their armor breakers are either unsafe or telegraphed and Dudley’s walk speed is good enough to juke out of a lot of throw attempts.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that SSB HAS throw invincibility lol.

Sure, let’s use Canon for balancing. Akuma vs M. Bison should be a 10-0 match up thanks to his appearance in ST. Ryu should be able to 1hit KO Sagat if he ever lands an EX DP. Cody’s badstone should do 5000 damage since he can use it to break through a 50cm concrete wall with no effort. Oni should be able to punch through people. Yeah… lets not do that.

(Said about Ken)
Sure, if they take away f.MK - Focus kara cancel removing his crazy good kara dash.

This one shows up a lot but asking for a buff from Ken’s speed to Cammy or Adon’s like it is nothing. For comparison, Ken’s forward walk speed = 0.04. Backwards = 0.03. Ryu’s = 0.045 backwards = 0.03. Cammy’s = 0.055 Forward 0.045 backward, and Adon’s = 0.05 Forward 0.035 backward. They are asking for a 50% boost to his walk speed like they are asking for extra napkins at the drive through.

(Said about Makoto)

Yun/Adon/Akuma require less precise execution? Maybe BARELY and only if you are going for some of the really tough setups for Makoto and maximizing your hayate cancels sure. They may require less THAN MAKOTO but “less precise execution”? Sorry lol no. Adon especially since he has wonky timing on his links, and his c.LP and c.LK can’t be chained. Akuma has to be pretty dang precise on his setups, his combos are pretty easy ONLY in comparison to other 1F link based combos because they have obvious natural timings on their interrupts (especially his far HK - c.MP link) but that is like saying “Well this steel isn’t as hard as this diamond” they are both hard.

THIS is probably my favorite so far as I play both characters he is talking about (Makoto/Cody):

First off, he mentions Makoto needing a better wake up option, fair enough. Then he compares her wake up to Cody like Cody is a great example of a character with good wake up (Honestly, I’d argue Cody’s wakeup is worse but only because Makoto can deal with obvious crossups with Fukiage, has EX Karakusa for a lot of stuff, and most notably has a great back dash. Cody only has EX Zonk which is slow, misses a lot of things (which can be used to his advantage with people who wakeup EX DP) and nothing else.

But then he goes on to mention that Cody has the ability to hit different button combinations to get an EX Version of mid/high Ruffian kicks instead of just the low version. He literally compared Makoto’s wakeup to moves THAT DON’T EXIST.

Going to spoiler this because it is massive.

[details=Spoiler]Along the line with balance I was hoping for beefing up all the characters. Here are some of my ideas.


Now has the ability to turn into evil Ryu, at the cost of his super bar and health decreases.

Move done anytime, just down three times and all three kicks. There is a changing animation that stops the timer and freezes play time. After the change there is a split second that Ryu can be hit. This change cause his defense to drop and offenceive options to open up. He loses his super bar for the rest of the match.


Evil Ryu has no super moves, or ex moves,

His ultras are the same. However he now can use any of them. Has a choice.

  1. Hadoken of evil: same.

  2. Uppercut madness: same.

  3. Demon rush: hidden? It was his old super move.

New throw: is the same as Ryus third throw.


  1. Fireball

  2. Red fireball

  3. Uppercut

  4. Hurricane kick

  5. Over head spin kick… Has same priority of Ryus slide kick.

  6. Teleport. Has its bad points. It has been slowed down.

  7. Air dive kick. At the peak of a jump, timing is very hard.

all moves are the same as they were. Has the same random ko, reverse ko, team ko, final ko is different.

Final ko 1: demon rush that shows lines of intents and has a slow motion video of every punch that is thrown. He holds back on the final blow. You are not worthy of death by my hands. Grabs enemy and headbutts them, hard and slow, 12 times. X-ray shows facial bones cracking on every third hit…drops enemy body like a wet noodle. …ko.

Final ko 2: Teleport madness. Teleports threw back and forth hitting enemy, they swing randomly after Ryu has passed by them, and hit them with a single attack. After they are exhausted they fall to there knees. Ryu in his evil form teleports in front of them and grabs them by their head. Picks them up with one hand and shakes them violently back and forth, slams head into ground three times…X-ray shows skull cracking. Ko

Final ko 3: massive uppercut: evil grabs enemy in and says, this is the last face you will see in this lifetime. Your time line ends here. Pushes them back and demon rushes into three uppercutts, on the ground, three shifting uppercuts to the chin, pops enemy up…huge pause evil gathers dark hado and jumping uppercuts the airborne enemy. Hitting them in the gut…multi hits all the way up their body to the chin. Sending their body even higher. Evil falls to the ground and waits for falling enemy looking at the ground. Enemy body comes on the screen falling straight at Ryu. He hold his arm up and they fall on his upward fist…X-ray shows back cracking. Ko





New throw: jumping scissor take down, roll away, stand up.

  1. Over shoulder hard throw: same

  2. Grab enemy roll back throw: same

  3. Slide side kick from third strike. Same kick as street fighter x Tekken. Faster than third strike. Ex kick causes wall bounce.

  4. Fake fireball: same as the hd remix version…can uppercutt right after.

  5. Ability to change into evil Ryu… Can change at anytime the ultra bar is filled…you sacrifice your super bar for the remainder of the rounds in the match…you stay evil Ryu till the end of the match…can’t change back. During the change animation time pauses…and Ryu can be punished during change. Ryu bends over in pain… Then rears back and explodes into evil Ryu.

Ryu once turned to evil form…he still has an ultra bar that fills. This is such a great give and take, free up a space on the character select screen. Still have a way to play evil Ryu…everyone wins.

  1. Fireball is the same speed as before. Ex hits twice.

  2. Uppercut: same as before. Ssf4 ae2012. Hit box needed on characters that slide low. That way he can’t uppercut them off the ground when they are laying down. Ex the same

  3. Hurricane kick: same as before. Ex same as before causes juggle

Blue Super 1: same as before. Throws a fireball that hits 5 times.

Red super 2: hurricane kick…like alpha Ryu stands in place spin kicking. Hitting enemy 10 times. Last hit is a knock away.

Ultra 1: same as before no change. Huge fireball. Fadc all day into a huge multi hitting fireball.

Ultra 2: huge uppercut, changed to look like his sf3 super. Can also be used after a Fadc, with damage scale.

Ultra 3: close… Power dunk, jumping knee into a powerful down punch. Pops enemy body up for Ryu to do an ultra hurricane kick. Spins and causes a huge tornado that hits and spins enemy around getting kicked. Knocks away. Can go threw projectiles. Can be fadc into, however damage scale is high. Also when ultra is started he goes threw all the animation. So can still chip people out.

Random ko: Ryu gets knocked out falls backwards hit ground…and starts having evil hado chi exploding from his body, like fireworks of flames and chi released for his body. Flops all over the ground…screams help me!!! Then passes out. Same for Evil RYU.

Reverse ko:

RYU: picks up enemy by the arm and carries them off stage, says dont worry I will help you recover. You fought a great fight, I have learned from our battle. Limps enemy off stage.

Evil Ryu: just stands laughing at enemy. Lifts up there arm and walks with them laughing.

Team ko: Ryu and Ken together. Both do standing combos kicking and punching enemy back and forth, both get together and do a uppercut on both sides of enemy, sending there body flying into the air. They both jump back and build a super fire ball, the both release the fireballs into the falling enemy body. Cause the enemy to bounce all over getting hit by both fireballs. Ko…Ryu and Ken stand back to back. Same for evil RYU.

Final ko 1: tumbling kicks and punches, cut scenes to show slow mo on all the hits and impact is in slow mo. Jumps back screams…then unleashes a fireball stream into enemy. The fireball fries them up…enemy falls over steaming from the blast they just took. Coughs up blood and smoke, passes out. Ryu falls over from exhaustion …has a look of bewilderment on his face. Says what was that?

Final ko 2: turns into evil Ryu and screams… Rushes over to enemy and punches their lights out in a really fast combo, kicks enemy down to the ground. Stands over enemy with back to screen. Holds his arms out to the side and screams …ahahahahahahaaaaaaahhh. Turns just his head to look at the screen. Then starts slamming both hands down on grounded enemy, hitting, scratching, enemy. Blood is flying all over. Stands up and stomps enemy head once…crack sound, x-ray shows skull crack…ko. Ryu powers down and falls to his knees walking away from enemy…soaked in blood he looks at his hands and screams…noooooooooo what have I done?

Final ko 3: close grab by shirt, three head butts in a row, smashing enemy face, x-ray on every hit. Enemy body dazed and confused, Ryu does the forbidden uppercut and slams enemy body downward after they fly to the ground he releases a huge barrage of hail storm fireballs on the grounded enemy. He lands next to enemy and holds arm up in air. Says whooa what power.


  1. Same as sf4: the answer lies in the heart of battle. RYU standing with eyes closed, looks at enemy and gets into fighting position.

  2. Walks onto screen, drops bag. My journey starts here. Gets into fighting stance.

  3. RYU sitting down, eyes closed, meditating. Opens eyes quick with a surprised look on face. I hope my training pays off, fighting stance.

  4. I have waited my whole life for this fight. Lets go! Stomps foot holds hands out and bows. Fighting stance.

Winning animations:

  1. Punch screen same as sf4: arms folded, eyes closed then punches at camera.

  2. Jumping around, stands still then focus attacks the camera.

  3. Does a kick and punch kata, eyes closed, opens them and uppercuts towards camera says shoryuken !!! Camera moves up and pause as he is punching into the air.

  4. RYU is shaking and screaming. Arms out, he rears back. Power shooting out of his body. He is trying to hold back the dark Hadou. [/details]

^The fuck?

^^ mk fan

That Ryu/Evil Ryu post is the most entertaining I’ve read by far.

My god.

Oh that’s not all. His name is Greedy. He made one of those for everyone. He wants Sakura to piss herself after losing. Best posts in that board.

Why single out Capcom Unity? With the new update, SRK v.2013 is not much different. There’s plenty of examples right here in this forum.

Trust me, it is different. Maybe 1 out of 15 suggestions here are “omfg wtf” bad, there are some that are ignorant or misinformed or just that is dumb bad. But hardly any are “Ryu should be able to turn into evil ryu” or “Cody has moves that don’t exist” bad like Capcom Unity. CU it’s like 1 out of 10 posts are halfway decent.

This is delicious!

keep the scrub quotes coming hahaha that evil ryu post was hilarious. Looking forward to play Capcom Unity Sf4 version scrub update.

I wonder if this is the same guy who wrote the Ryu - Evil Ryu Fan fic.


(Said about Bison)

Cody’s ultra 1 (which I’m GUESSING is his “upper cut ultra” since it ends with Criminal Upper is pretty awful for anti airing as it’s one of the slowest ultras in the game (13F) and the hitbox is fairly low on his body (it’s about chest height) and it only has 2 active frames and 1 juggle potential. People need to stop comparing things to Cody, he is not exactly a great character to compare things too since most of his stuff is wonky/unreliable. If you wanna talk about something to compare to Cody, his bMP is pretty fair game as it’s def a great move and while it has some weaknesses (it doesn’t really hit in front of him at all only directly above) it is still one of the best non-special anti airs.


The tone of this makes me wonder if it’s actually just a troll. If not, someone needs to draw a picture of Bison wearing a jetpack and laughing at Ryu below him.

I stopped at “Hadoken of evil” because I couldn’t stop laughing.

If Capcom actually implemented the vast majority of community suggestions for v2013 it would be an opera of comedy.

Good lord. I’m so revisiting this thread over my morning coffee.

Same crazy Greedy guy, in the Honda suggestions thread :

This guy has a lot of imagination…

I love the arbitrary number of hits he chooses. I get a mental image of him acting all this out with action figures then writing down what happened.

That Greedy guy has to be trolling.

“All Sumo splash should change to -1 on block. -3 will be punished by all opponents normal throw and shroken. It can Fadc into ultra too. -2 will be throw by seth and zangief. Sumo splash is important for honda to get in with those players with anti air skills. If it changes to more than -3, no one will do sumo splash. It is equal to cut honda one special movie or cut his hand”

Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah, grind your opponent by spamming safe buttslams. (Can I get then for Bison Psycho Crushers and for Hakan´s Oil slides also +1 on block?)(Not seriously).

Even the “serious” posts on that forum are retarded.

My favourites are the ones that start:
“Hi I’ve been playing Ryu since Street Fighter 1 so I’m no scrub here are my suggestions please listen to me”

Ken has step kick and step axe kick. It’s not like he isn’t mobile on standup. This is ridiculous