Scrub Stories

Just an idea I stole off of the TZ forums, “shhhh don’t tell them”. And the mods can move this if it’s in the wrong place, and if a thread like this already exists then I apologize.

Anyways, with all that said, simply tell any of your interesting stories that involve you playing against scrubs.

I remember the Killer Instinct scrub who called me a “chicken fighter” and said KI was like “real life”. :-/

I owned my school in CvS2 with R-4 Ryo S-groove

Just yesterday I was playing against someone using team shoto, and I destroyed him. Then he said “naw nigga I waz jus playin wit yo azz, let me pic my real team”, then proceeds to choose an even crappier team of Hayato/Spiderman/Wolverine :rolleyes:

Playing Nintendo nerds on Soul Calibur 2 was hilarious, they would always shoot arrows and I would dodge them and dash in for a Summon Suffering. Playing kids that use E.Honda on ST has its moments to.

a scrub i played in t5… they said they would beat me if we were playing on ps2 :confused:

My homeboy, who pretty much MADE me good at this game, will never admit defeat no matter how many times I murk him 3-zip.

First it was “You’ll never beat me with this team! This is the team the US champ uses (referring to whoever was using Cammy at the time)”, then I’d beat him.

Then it was “You can’t do anything but beam teams, but I got something for that!”, he’d Iceman to victory, I answered with Collosus/Doom.

Then it becomes “You can’t just fight me heads up! You have to reli on assist and beams”. Even with little to none Assist, even manage to learn not to tag out constantly, still own him.

Finally it becomes “Man, I just came over for a friendly game, and you playing all serious…”, so I just pick three mid-tier no-names and still win over his regulars.

He’s good, IMO, he’s taught me alot through our matches, but I’ve just become that much better over him and the other people in out circle. Now to only destroy him at Tekken/SC, I’ll be golden.

Waaay back when SF3: NC was new, I was at a mall arcade and I pretty much used a gaggle of kids as my punching bags for about 45 minutes until I had to leave. I felt sorry for them, so I “forgot” the rest of my tokens, leaving them stacked on the machine.

They looked like college kids. I was in seventh grade at the time. Jesus christ, that was a decade ago.

A scrub, a few years ago, said his Alex was good.

He’s still a scrub today, and we all still laugh about it to his face, to this day.

“Hey, my Alex is pretty good guys”.

He can’t even combo properly.

Everyone has their scrub moments. I mean, is it not irritating to get beaten when you’re confident in your abilities? My scrubness comes out when I get beat by someone who is 10x my skill level. I’m just like “This is dumb” and quit.

I can’t recall any specific moments, but I remember a lot of sore losers on CvS2 for x-box live, me included. Man, I have dents in my walls from that game.

That’s like making fun of an illiterate for trying to read. You guys probably make that kid feel really bad. I mean, he probably wants to and tries really hard to be good, and all you guys do is discourage him.

sorry for double posting.

I was playing 3s yesterday, and someone was playing on the SCII machine next to me, he was about 16 or 17. A few minutes later, a little kid, no older than 8 years old, who can barely reach the stick, pops two quarters into the machine and starts to play. I watched and could hardly hold back the laughter as this 8 year old kid beats the crap out of this teenager until the latter was completely out of money.

The best part was the ridiculous stance and intense game face the teenager had taken on while playing.

People say that I should only throw 3 times per-round. And I play as frickin grapplers.

And man. Do people HATE auto-guards and counters.

It would be bad if the kid was comboing legit! Otherwise, it’s nothing, since SC2 IS a button-masher’s paradise! My little cousin can get lucky off of me every now and then when he’s mashing Kilik/Maxi. It’s really not hard to do since both their AB attacks can win matches alone…

He tells us he’s better than he is, and he believes it too. He doesn’t know he sucks, and he doesn’t try to improve. He just tries to tell us why he doesn’t win, like it’s out of his control or something.

He’s a true scrub.

scribble and on piece of paper, label it at the top “THIS IS FOR YOU SCRUB! plz use, thnx, u liek sux, kbai, thnx”


why do some people only use akuma,ken,ryu I had some scrub challenge me over and over again in SFA3 with those 3 combinations, getting he’s ass beat worse and worse each time.

In KOF2k I like to use Seth and mash grab punch them to death, and then they squeal like a peeg, oh man I love it.

My scream story was when I read this guy make a post and refer someone to gamefaqs.

sorry if that’s fucked up but yeah, most of the board will agree.


Grown ass man, had to of been 28-30 years old played me at this golf and arcade place(forgot the name).

Anyway, I beat him and he keeps trying over and over. And over and over @_@


Guy comes up to me and is like “you suck, I’m totally going to kick your worthless ass”. Then I beat him, and he walks away saying nothing. Best day of my life…

Hay the boards suck but some of FAQS aren’t too shabby esp for beginers, anyway kiss my ass bitch.

People pick Ryu/Ken in 3s. I’m using Urien/Q most of the time and I parry thier fireball or jump-in and they’re like:

“Hay man wut is that ure doin? That’s cheatin ure not losing lif…”