Scrub thing i did in a match

lol it was pretty funny, but i got in a powerbomb off alex’s boomerang raid by activating the super on wakeup, the opponent was blocking, and the the last part grabbed him into a powerbomb. not something you wanna do in high level gameplay, at least not a lot but funny to use once in a blue moon :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT:the super was activated so that none of his punches touched the opponent, just the grab part.

And the strategical value of this is…?

But really, all Alex players already know about this. The only time I’d do it intentionally is when the other guy is stunned and the powerbomb will KO him.

I believe KYSG worked this into some full-stun combo, but other than allowing you to laugh at your opponent for getting caught with it, it probably has little value.

yes this is more of a taunt than a useful move.