Scrub Yun Learning to Play

Hey, I’m a scrub Yun (as the title suggests), and I was wondering how I would learn to play this game.

A couple of my questions are (avoiding character specific things for now):

  • What are good approaches for Yun to use?
  • What are the techniques that I need to learn (hit-confirm, OS, etc.)?
  • What the hell should I do when/if I command grab?
  • What kind of style should Yun be played with? I hear “rushdown” but I find trouble approaching properly enough to even start hitting people at times.
  • What kind of anti-air things does Yun have? Both from ground and from air because this is something that completely screws me over every time. >>

I only have this game on the PC so if anyone wants to add me:
:slight_smile: If anyone wants to teach me via. beating me down relentlessly over and over, I’d gladly accept it if I learn something from it.

  • Divekicks.
  • It’s easy to hitconfirm of a lp into anything you want, just takes some practice.
  •,,, upkicks
  • Try to play footsie and dive in the right moment to bait out their pokes. ( is a great poke) Stay back if you fight someone who throws a lot of fireballs and abuse the shit out of his palm to negate them and build meter.
  • LK upkicks is his best anti air, can be combo’d into Genei Jin or lunge punch if it only hits them once in the air.


as someone who started playing sf4 serious within 2months and losing a shit ton with yun. this is super basic stuff i had to learn before winning more, learn to dive kick. I mean when to do it and getting at the right angles. doing really high ones will get you thrown etc by everyone. just do basic target combo stuff until you can do more of his bnb combos.

i mean you can’t get better when you start out w/o losing a bunch but the important thing is asking why you lose. take mental notes of what you keep getting punished with, what strategy to use on certain characters based off experience.

I was winning more easily with ryu when i started out, yun isn’t as op as people suggest for beginers like us, so just keeping on pushing through and shrug off the loses till you get better. good luck from another scrub player :slight_smile:

Agree. Yun is OP when someone know how to use all of his tricks and tools. For me, playing as sagat is 100 times easier than Yun and you dont need to work as hard.

@Firecotton: The best I manage is Cr.MP S.MP xx Upkick. How can you do 2 Cr.MP after a command grab?

After command grab, 2x cr.MP is character specific. Close range though, 2x cr.MP works on almost everyone.

Ohhh thanks for all the feedback!

oh great, another yun player hahahah jokes

Good luck buddy, I’m in the same boat as you. I’m a total scrub and trying to get better. It’s really frustrating for me 'cause I’m playing so much but I don’t feel like I’m getting better. I’m about ready to throw my controller through my TV sometimes… but that’d be bad since it’s a nice TV, lol.

Lol, really?

I see it that way too, Yun’s only OP when the person understands the game to some extent. In the hands of a scrub they’re just gonna kick themselves in the shin by doing random dive kicks and lunge punches.