Scrubby Matchmaking: PSN Edition


Mostly self-explanatory. Post in this thread if you’re up to throw down some matches with people that suck just as much as you. :smiley:

Don’t even bother if your main is Chun-Li.

3s New Player FAQ // Directions -- START HERE

what if you suck at Chun Li


What if you can use SA1 & 3 Chun to make Intermediate / Newer players mad too?

Do support the thread, since there’s still the 8 lobby issue? You guys better friend up.




psn = indico
I’m a scrub, I like using Urien and Oro. Live in Yurop though, but I’m in dire need of actual people who play 3S on my friendslist. : /


I’ll add you once I wake up tommorow.


Where do you live? I might play you.


USA, Colorado.


I would play you but I sold my PS3 to buy a hooker

considering the state of the PS3 netplay I think it was a good trade


Wanna run first to 10 sets? I can use my bad characters

Funny how everyone hates on Chun but there’s almost none of them online


what’s your psn handle? i’ll run you ft 10. neenooz is my psn handle


That’s funny, I’ve had literally almost no problems in terms of PS3 netplay. The only games that give me shit occasionally are Marvel and SFxT, and the latency in SFxT seems to have been patched.

No one really uses her, but that doesn’t make her any less OP, lmao. I can play you once I get home though, if you want. What’s your tag?


It’s stupid as fuck that you won’t let people use who they want, but whatever.
Keep avoiding the problem and it’ll always be a problem.

I’m hardly online anymore but: PSN = Meowstyle.


Oh wow, butthurt alert.

It was sarcasm, for the most part. I don’t think it’d be very fun though if everyone was using characters like Gill, or Justice from Guilty Gear, or Unlimited Hazama from Blazblue, and so on and so forth. I really don’t care if you guys choose to use Chun-Li, the remark was mostly just a poke at how overpowered she can be.


Why would I be butthurt when I don’t even use Chun-Li…? Because I cursed in my statement?

Sarcasm obviously doesn’t transfer well via text. Anyway, now that I see your point, I don’t think Chun-Li is anywhere as bad as Hazama (He made me quit Blazblue when CS released)/Justice/Gill.


Hey, I’d love to play some 3SOE with “non-randoms”. I haven’t really played regularly in a while, so no laughing assholes!

PSN = rubixgroove


Down to play, have fun and level-up but I’m not trying to be all “elite” or play with 3rd Strike purists… I think we all know what I mean.



Not very often I see Necro mains nowadays. ._.


same name as here. and yun is more OP =)




ever played a good yun before?