Scrubby noob P-Groove question

This is embarassing. Oh well. I don’t use P-Groove, but I’ve been trying to learn this past week. I looked in my Game manual (Xbox) and it says something about a ground attack dodge by pressing LP+MP+HP…? What is this? I don’t THINK I’ve ever seen it. I never even heard of it. What is it? How do I use it?

Not sure, but I think if you press 3 punches just as your character hits the ground from a knockdown, it’ll add a delay to the time you get up. Can anyone confirm if P groove has tactical recovery or safe fall?

If you’re playing someone who knocks you down a lot and likes to play mix up, it might be useful. Otherwise, I’ve never even seen it used.

nah. That’s not what it is. It’s something else. Weird…and also, can someone tell me how a P Terry would fare? I figured it wouldn’t work because (for me at least) Terry needs some good speed and mobility to really be a threat, but maybe you know something that I don’t. I have trouble playing Terry in any non-running groove.

That’s tactical recovery.