Scrubby powercord question


Got all my cords mixed up and want to make sure I use the right one for my asus monitor

These is what markings they have

-10A 125v
-10A 250v



Are we talking about the power cord or the power supply?
The cord it self can be rated higher than what your wall outlet produces and be perfectly fine.

If your cords look like something like this

You are fine. The markings are that the max that cord can take before the cord gets damage, not what the cord would supply.
The 10A 250v power cords are common with Universal US/European compliant power supplies. US outlets run on 110 volts AC, European outlets are 210 volts AC, Japan is 100 Volts AC.

Now if you are talking about the actual power adapter box, you need to pay attention to the input voltages.
Most of the Universal power adapters don’t care, and are universal power supplies for all around the world, you only would need a plug adapter for it.