Scrubby Q!

Hey all. I know its all been said before, but being a a person who likes t pick underused characters, i just recently picked up the delicious Q-ness.
Ill be editing this thread as i go. Just wanted to put down a few things ive found are fun with Q.

First off…
HCB Roundhouse- Capture and Deadly Blow. Why is this alwayys a pain for my friends to pull of? Well, one of the easiest setups ive found so far…which probably only works on other scrubs >.> Do a jumpin light or fierce unch, perforimg the tech grab immediately after it hits, allowing you to grab them while they’re hopefull stunned/not expecting the tech throw.
Charge Back, forwards, P or K-Dash punch. What a fun move for mix up game. Different distances depending on the button pushed, where light obviously travels the least far, and fierce travels the farthest. Pressing any kick instead of a punch causes a low hit, and with poundhouse causes a delightful trip, usually allowing a taunt. An holding fierce punch down through the punch causes it to be an overhead.
The EX version is fun too, and i constantly uses EX Dash punch, or ZAP! along with a standing roundhouse. The distance and damage are great, and again, allows for Q to taunt.
Revers shoryuken input punch-Slap yo stupid face! Slaps is great, honestly, the range is ok, damage is nice, and itll mess people up good when used corectly. When i want distance, ill throw an opponent, taunt, then wait, if they try and dash forward or jump, you use slaps. medium punch for mid attacks, Fierce punch will stuff someone trying to jump in. Light punch with slaps is great for stuffing a wake up too.Ex slaps…well, it hits a lot, does a nice bit of damage.Knockback too, if i remember correctly.

Combos. Ok, dont know too much on this section right now.Working on it.

First! Bracelets!
EX Dash Punch, then Standing Roundhouse. This can do a nice chunk of damage, is relatively easy to pull of, and lets Q Taunt. And all Q players like that, now don’t we.

Friendshp Bracelets! Just an upgraded version of regular bracelets. First catch tem in a capture and deadly blow (HCB K tech throw), as soon as they are in the grab, charge back, and do an EX dash punch when they are at the peak of their rise in the air, and finish it off with a staning roundhouse and a taunt. nice Damage, builds up lost meter from the EX fast, and really demeaning.

Ok Misc time.
Random stuff about Q…lets see…Ahh! Q’s Crouching Roundhouse Can be canceled into any form of slaps. And SMk and and normal dash(no overhead or trip here) link into his SA1. Medium kick, and a jumping light punch(affectionately known as The Calw) Are wonderful links into his SA2. SA3…good for blowing up basketballs, but i personally find it fun to use just to mess with people who dont know how Q works. get in close, and perform the grab,and listen to your friends tell you how cheap Q is as a character.

Well, I hope you all like my Horrible Q thread. More will be added as i get a li more, and im not as lazy. Remember! Im A scrub! So dont tell me im missin stuff!

It’s not the stuff that’s missing that’s a problem…

Anyone else wanna handle this?

No offense dude but all this info and more is already written in this forum.

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^^ Check that out, that’s good neat Q stuff.

Meh. Sorry…I wanted to be special>.<
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Don’t let me stop you from making your own thread though, gogo new insights!


Seriously though. Anything you have to say is either already common knowledge or it’s covered in UltraDavid’s topic or Karathrow’s video tutorial:

Guys…i know im retarded…
If i could delete the thread, i would, but im a noob so i dont know how…
Just trying to post some stuff i found out myself. Thought i mentioned that in my first post. Oh well.

Don’t sweat it. You got passion. That’s what matters.

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