Scrubby question: HOW to build meter back w/ S/D?



i’d like to know how Strider seems to always have meter for orbs…:confused:



well im not a s/d expert but there r a few ways… first the obvious one- start off with another character like sent or magz or whoever ur other character is and use them to build meter… if u insist on using strider first then basically try to do the trap without orbs… ok that doesnt make sense (im really tired) but basically use cats and doom assist, teleporting, and try to land his basic ac (c. hp, sj, lp,lk,lp,lk qcf+p) to build meter


uhm…duh. that’s how i do it…maybe i’m just wasteful? dunno.

like, it can’t POSSIBLY be THAT simple, right?:confused:


i apologize… scrubby answer for a scrubby question perhaps? :lol: in my experience it is that “simple”… as long as u think keeping strider alive and doing the trap in general is “simple”… i use magz/s/d so i just build lots o meter and dhc and im usually ok… mayb ur relying on ouroborous too much? u dont really need to do it constantly…


I say a really easy way to start building meter fast in the start is to have Sentinal in there first. He is a great battery and u can DHC safely into Striders orbs. Also when u pin down the character wit the ouro u should atleast gain a 1/2 bar of meter constantly mashing out lp. The problem you probably have is u might be using the ouro to wastefully for no reason. But I could be wrong :smiley:


yes and no. :slight_smile:
and yeah, i use sentinel, magz, and cyke for point.

when i’m on a roll, i have great meter. when i’m stuck fighting w/ sentinel on point, i get wasteful w/ my meter.

i do better w/ magz and cyke, for some reason.:confused:


Doom-B assist builds an ungodly amount of meter when it fully connects. Drop Doom on their assist after it comes out to build a whole bunch of meter very quickly. That’s why strider gets so much meter. Stuff gets caught by Doom.

Of course, against Sent, its tough to counter call w/ Doom because he almost always gets stomped in the head. On the other hand, it’s not really necessary, since Strider is a very good anti-Sent character anyway. (2nd best IMO).

Then again, I don’t play Strider except casual, so maybe you should ax somebody who knows.


Putting Sent first to build some bar, and you just wait for the opportunity to Harddrive DHC Orbs, mash, teleport fp fk, mash on jab with Doom, as it ends do a block string into either cat/bird XX orbs for another rep or stand fp XX teleport the fuck out and toss the zoo at them using Drones to cover your teleport escapes when you start getting cornered.

You should get at least like 1/3 of a bar while actually executing the trap, everything together it’s probably more like half.

If you’re doing some crazy shit like low short into instant overhead and landing the hits for the some serious damage you’ll have plenty of fucking bar.

It’s really that simple, in theory. But actually doing it is not very simple at all because most of the time one hit vs top tier = bye Strider.


yeah messing up with strider against a top tier=dead ninja I really hate it when im doing a tele wit strider and accidently wall cling into a free AHVBX3 (I fight a lot of cables:( )


You could always do what I do and go into training and just stay there until you land 200 consecutive teleports (ya know, 100 for each side of the screen). You’ll either get god-like w/ teleport or have a psychotic episode:lol:

either way, the results are interesting, lol


try doin this with calling assists at the same time to practice minimizing any lag between calling and teleporting.

pretty useful for forcing them into the trap too…

from full screen distance, call drones and teleport, come down with slash, lp lp xx orbs. bam they’re in orbs. pretty safe cuz if they try to hit strider the drones will save you.


You most likely do better w/ them because they only use meter during combos. Sentinel can just throw HSF out and still be effective, so naturally you can use more meter w/ him.

And that whole teleporting with assists is probably a good idea, but it just kinda comes natural to me to time the assist when I want it.


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