Scrubin' Out With Dave - A Vlog


Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right forum for this sort of thing. I started a weekly vlog about my attempt to get better at fighting games. The goal isn’t necessarily get competition level good, but instead to get decent enough to where I can recognize techniques and generally enjoy the competitive steams more, as well as try to at least be moderately entertaining to the viewer, of course! But who knows! Maybe I’ll decide to try my hands are a future tournament.

The format as of now is there’s about a minute or two of talking about what I’ve been doing the passed week then a couple online matches. Right now I’m playing Skullgirls because the online seems pretty consistently stable, I like the art style, and it’s a lot of fun. I’m playing on PS3 and my name on there is Rouge_Waveform.

I wanted to create a thread on SRK for this so I could get some advice, and maybe find some people to spar with.

Here’s the list to the current episodes (if you can call them that) in order of newest to oldest. As new episodes come out I will edit this opening thread.

2012 - 07 - 02
Week 8. Two months! I had a lot of trouble recording this due to some problems on my end. However that lead to me having a lot of matches between many more people. Some of which were very good, others not so much. Of course those didn’t make into the video.
Things I’ve practicing: Peacock’s basic chains and combos and some resets. Cerebella’s BnBs.
I’m trying to figure out how to better utilize my assists.

Older entries:

Month 2:


2012 - 06 - 23
Week 7. This week have two unranked sets of some really close games.

2012 - 06 - 17
Week 6. What happened to Week 5? I couldn’t find anyone to play against so I decided to skip that week. This week I show my practice routine then have three matches each against two random online folks.

Month 1:


2012 - 06 - 02
Week 4. I decided to try my hand at SRK’s own Skullbats online tournament, not because I thought I would win but more because I wanted to see what the experience would be like. Sufficed to say, I was very nervous and could barely do even the simplest things more often than not. My goal for this coming week is to play more against people.

2012 - 05 - 27
Week 3. I played a lot during the week and mainly practiced Cerebella’s BnB combos/reset. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it off in any matches.

2012 - 05 - 19
After one week of regular daily practice. I switched up my team from the first week and do much better.

2012 - 05 - 12
This was my first week. I hadn’t really been playing much and it’s mainly to show off where I started from.


Interesting idea, I wanna see where this goes.


Ok. So another week goes by and I think I’ve made a noticeable improvement. Didn’t have much luck when recording however, and lost two of the three matches. Of course this series is not really about winning, but learning. Both from really stupid mistakes on my part. In fact in all three matches I made really dumb mistakes. In the video I attribute it to poor execution, but on watching the footage I think it was more lack of knowledge of what moves beats what and so on.

When it comes to Peacock I think my zoning is getting better. Right now I’m kind of just throwing stuff out there to see what works and what doesn’t. I tend to relying too much on teleporting behind, grab, then super and I’ve been trying to get away from that. With Cerebella, I feel I am relying too much on the armored command run to get anywhere.

Any critique, tips, and advice are welcomed.


OK. I updated this yet again. This week I learned first hand that playing in a tournament, even if nothing is on the line, is much different than playing just online. Sound obvious I know.


I might start doing this as well. Fantastic idea.


Ok! After missing a week I was able to put another one of these together.


Week 7 is up. I think I’ve been getting noticeably better, even if I lose the majority of my matches. I’m certainly starting to understand the game more and am able to spot my errors better. Though there are still times when I should be doing something really obvious that I’m not doing. Like blocking. hah.


Ok week 8 is up and I have a question. How can I better utilize assists in my game?