Scrubquotes EHubs SF4 Beta Tier List Edition


go in there (if u dare) and post any hilarity that might be in the comments sections

Official SRK Ultra SF4 Rebalance Request Thread

It’s pretty tedious to go around looking for stats for each match up until they put together something better right now


i dont care about what the stats are. i just want people to post the stuff in the comment sections if they find posts they think are stupid and/or funny. i felt this deserved its own thread


Play the fucking game please.


FreshProduce4u2 said 2 hours, 3 minutes ago
Reply @VolcanicAkuma55 #1

It definitely isn’t. He has way to many setups to destroy her. Setup dive kick stuffs all her wake up options.




What’s with the flag? I was validating your awesome discovery. That’s the point, right?

Man, I quit. I’m just too retarded for this place.


Cammy broken
Akuma top tier
Fei Long brain dead
Fuck Seth
Adon stupid chip on Jaguar Kicks
Viper random bullshit
M Bison stupid lock down corner pressure
Omg I always knew Makoto was top 10
Yun so good… Wait Yun sucks why are you nerfing him?
Balrog sucks, but he is the best charge character?
El Fuerte random doesn’t belong in the game
I always knew Oni was top tier before Wao, I just didn’t say it.
My character loses every match up
Insert lame Saiyko paragraph(s) here
Abel sucks.
Just because Vega won something, doesn’t mean he’s top tier.
Ken is sick, wait he’s shit compared to Ryu.
Ryu so hard to play, I’m not Daigo.
Rufus lame.
Yang is trash tier.
Dudley bottom 5.
Honda sucks, but he doesn’t suck.
Guile boring turtle.

Same old comments on every tier list. Just add a random 6/4, 7/3, and 1 other dumbass comment to complete each one.


What the fuck do you think is going on at this forum, EXACTLY the same…lol
though slightly less obvious…


Eventhubs content > SRK’s. How mad you are? SRK is an evenhubs re-post site these days.


Ryu so hard to play?

Uh. No. His learning curve is smooth all the way to mastery.


I really tried it.

First I turned off my adblocker so I can actually view the links.
Then I found out I have to register in order to view comments and vote on this, and this is where you lost me.

Fuck this, it’s way too much work.


The initial tiers are in. Most of it is pretty understandable except for some very odd placings.

  1. Akuma 214.8

  2. Cammy 212.6

  3. Seth 209.8

  4. Fei Long 204.4

  5. C. Viper 200.2

  6. Adon 200.1

  7. Ibuki 198.8

  8. Yun 198.7

  9. Sagat 195.2

  10. Rufus 194.8

  11. Sakura 193.8

  12. Guile 193.0

  13. Ryu 192.9

  14. M. Bison 191.8

  15. Balrog 191.5

  16. Gen 191.0

  17. Evil Ryu 190.3

  18. Ken 190.1

  19. Juri 189.5
    20. Blanka 189.4

21. Oni 189.2
22. Vega 188.1
23. Abel 187.6
24. Rose 186.4
25. Chun-Li 185.9
26. Dee Jay 185.8
27. Guy 185.4
28. Zangief 185.3
29. Cody 184.2
30. Makoto 184.1

  1. Yang 183.1
  2. Gouken 183.0
  3. E. Honda 182.6
  4. Dhalsim 181.3
  5. El Fuerte 181.0
  6. Dudley 180.1
  7. Hakan 179.8
  8. T. Hawk 171.5
  9. Dan 161.4

Im no specialist but the only ones I object to are Blanka (could be lower) and Oni ( could be higher)

Makoto, however, is a true WTF to me. She is top 15 in my book, and I’d be open to hearing top 10 arguments too. 30th is flat out bizarre


Yeah, I’m not gonna give eventhubs hits, tyvm.


Deejay at 26, Honda at 33, huh. I could honestly see swapping them.

Edit: In fact, that list is pretty bonkers in a handful of places. Bison top 15? Guile just outside top 10? I dunno man.


It’s pretty easy to go match up by match up for Makoto and under estimate the one she wins, and over estimate the one she loses.
I guess that’s why she’s so low in the list.

A few match up where I think people under estimate Mak.
Makoto vs Ken
Makoto vs Guile
Makoto vs Juri
Makoto vs Gouken


>Makoto as 30th

Oh Jesus my sides are in fucking orbit. Are you fucking shitting me right now


Honda 33th, what in the actual fuck? Are Honda players downplaying their character so hard or does everyone there think Honda is a free 10-0 mu?
And here I thought Honda was a scrub/noob killer.

Barely outside of bottom 5 => I blame Mike “My Character is bottom 5 material” Ross .


Not necessarily the fact that Honda mains downplay him, maybe more this:


And also look here:

The dude, who gives the current status of the list said this:


Yun players still refusing that he’s good. Typical.