Scrubquotes is back!


The only fighting game website real enough to bring you the scrub quotes no other site dares to!/scrubquotes

MOD-EDIT: This thread can be used to repeat hilarious scrubby quotes from struggling players. It is NOT a place to attack people.

Don't you think this Mark Twain quote is perfect in describing fighting a scrub?
Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV
Dealing with hate mail?
DOA5 Ultimate/Last Round Thread
I don't like being called a stream monster

GODLIKE hahahah


What about the scrubs who complain about SF4?

Why are most of the comments about either hate on 3rd strike or someone talking about SF4?
and lol at my post getting in there. Maybe I should have cleared up what I was saying.


pretty sure there’s plenty of that stuff in there.




Maybe you should stop being a scrub.

Oh man, this works on SO many levels…


yeah it’s a good site


Hurtful. It was misinformation as all.


Great! ScrubQuotes is my favorite fighting game-related website on the Internet!


This may be the reason I decide to get a Twitter.


might make a better tumblr?


yeah it would. i dont know how much traction tumblr has in the fighting game community compared to twitter tho.


Yeah, maybe they should play Garou.


nobody actually plays garou

they only learn enough of garou to beat their friends at it a few times

then nobody wants to play it ever again


That’s because Garou is a terrible game.


These are amazing.

Youtube comments could fill a few pages of this just by themselves, lol.


I think I see one of my like year-old posts in there.

[Parries in SF4] would make pressure games so much better. Think your opponent is gonna mash DP? Parry that shit.

Think that was me.


Wow, the last couple of tweets are questionable.


i feel sorry if you cant see the humour in “i thought the japanese were supposed to be hardcore” and “youtube vids prove it man” (plus if you know anything about 3rd strike the guy is talking absolute nonsense)


“I play Gief. Walk Forward SPD is a footsie. Changing specials to one button press would not fundamentally alter game”

But he isn’t wrong. Sure, at lower levels of play, the bar would be lowered but at the top, where all of these things are basic muscle memory, then it truly wouldn’t fundamentally alter the game.

I am not saying I agree with making all specials one button, but this isn’t that much of a scrub quote. It is more of a open for debate quote. Of course there are things (like FRCs) that would alter a fighting game somewhat if it is made easier. But things like basic moves, SPD, Hadoukens, SRK, supers, wouldn’t alter a game fundamentally in the slightest, at least where it matters (High level play).