Scrubquotes is back!

d3v is taking away the funny

It’s probably for the best. We don’t need that spreading around like a disease.

What a shame. I was about to jump in and tear that guy apart too. Oh well.

Can’t . . . tell . . . if . . . serious . . .

I tried to keep a straight face but lost it at Sagat has many maneuvers to get around normals.

I don’t even play AE, and this makes me really sad… -_-

dunno why but i find this sentece pretty scrubby

With all respect, this thread stinks and the above post stinks even more. Organizing tournaments already takes a lot of effort and selflessness, any burden you can take off their shoulders is welcome.

im also a tournament organizer, that is why i find that quote pretty scrubby
by his logic he would have banned all the unlockable chars of sf4, all the dlc chars of BBCS, half of the cast of sc4, only because he finds it annoying

He’s got that godlike Ibuki that shut me the fuck up at NEC 2k7.

What about those who primarily use the DLC characters? With DLC characters becoming common place in fighters it would be kind of, excuse my language, fucked up to ban DLC characters to be honest.

Are you saying the EVO that allowed console-dependent characters was not really serious?

If you organize tournaments, I would expect you to understand his stance. Setting up consoles/boards takes time, thus money. It is clearly a justified position.

What is terribly fucked up is not having the characters available already, by the time you pay for the game. And even more fucked up is charging to have them.

It is arguably more of a problem for the players who have no access to competition against characters with restricted access than to players who choose to play such characters. And you are failing to see and acknowledge that this is full responsibility of the game manufacturer: just have all characters for all platforms, or better yet, by the time the game is released, as part of the game.

Oh, I completely agree with you on having full access to all characters day one, but, you know curiosity and all, had to buy Makoto and Valkyhyn for Blazblue and ended up liking Makoto a lot. I hate DLC, but I buy fighting game DLC anyways so I can’t actually complain anymore. Oh my hypocrisy.

However I fail to understand how a player can have restricted access to DLC characters. Granted you wouldn’t be able to use them if you don’t pay but most big fighters out with DLC characters allow you to play against those who did purchase them and although I’m unfamiliar with arcade setups, aren’t most arcades upgraded to have the extra character? Also, there is all sorts of strats against DLC characters on the net as well to the point its almost a non issue. I didn’t buy Shuma Gorath DLC for MvC3 but I know my way around a player using one though.

Although this seems like a bad idea for those participating in tournaments, but haven’t organizers thought about charging extra for use of DLC characters if it is a big of an issue as you state?

Sorry if my post comes off a bit naive as I’m unfamiliar of how fighting game tournaments operate as I have never been to one before.

There were games where a certain platform did not have access to certain characters. It is pretty much the manufacturer’s fault, not really anything related to the platform (arcade board, PS3, XBox360). There was nothing preventing Capcom from making Akuma, Gouken and Seth available by the time SF4 was released. Capcom chose to do so. (Those were free, at least.) There was also nothing preventing Capcom from making the console characters available for download for the arcade version: Capcom chose to do so. Thus, it comes to players to do the right thing, which IMO is choosing not to support such actions, banning platform-specific characters and not buying stuff that should be available from the beginning.

and why do you think that they should be avaible from the begining?
i found very laughlable that at this point there are still idiots that believe that dlc chars are a bad thing
thanks to dlc, we were able to get makoto, valkenhayn, platinum and more than probable relius, without the need to wait a full year, and more importantly without the need to buy a new damn disc
and its very useful for tournaments too, i only need to invest the cost of the chars in one account and then i share them in 4 more ps3, instead of buying 5 new copies of the game

DLC characters allow the manufacture to add characters after the development cycle and not have to save them for a new disc/iteration which in turn extends the life of that game.

I hate DLC characters as much as next guy but let’s not act like they have infinite time and resources to work on these games. DLC allows them to add/finish stuff there wasn’t time to do during the game’s development. Let’s not pull the entitled “it should be free” crap. Someone has to work and someone has to pay them for that work.

DLC characters have their pros and cons. I love UMvC3 come out for $40 instead of however they would’ve priced everything as DLC but the way ASW is doing their DLC characters is a nice example of it how good it can be.

Wow. O_O

I haven’t accomplished anything tourney-wise, I think I’m out of place here, lol.

And now for something completely different. Street Fighter IV doesn’t seem to be very popular around here (for good reasons, though I like it), but there was one person on this site who was very vocal about it. His name was siberianhusky + random numbers. He made a thread telling how much he hated it, started arguments and threw around petty insults, and eventually got himself banned. He can still be seen lurking around Youtube and Eventhubs, spewing random fits of hatred for the game on random videos/articles.

The reason why I bring him up is because of this next quote. It’s in his review of Vanilla SFIV.

The fact that people online weren’t good at the game when it first came out is clearly Capcom’s fault.

I think that my current issues with DLC right now is the longivety of the content after this generation. I’m extremely skeptical and worried that five or tens years down the line I wouldn’t be able to use the DLC characters I paid for.

It was supposed to be a good thing. But then Micro$oft decides to charge for patches, and in addition to it, games that demanded furthers patches - i.e., ST:HDR - never got them. Also, you have omitted the fact that people paid for the game in the first place, and in a few cases - MvC3 is probably the most blatant example - it was just unfinished. Also, some “DLC” are actually BS: the data is already in the game, it just allows players to have access to such a data that’s already in the disc/file they paid for. In summary, what I have to say is the issue is not as simple it your massage describes it.

If you mained thawk you would understand why I don’t want to play blankas on xbox live. Its not impossible but I will save myself all of the stress and thanks for your concern. I have better things to do then look on for people to post things that may be funny to you and post them in this dumb section trying to be cool.

As a T. Hawk player myself I can understand the frustration playing against Blanka but it’s still a scrubby thing to do. You won’t get better against him by running away.