Scrubquotes is back!

Ironically, that might be an unintentional buff considering she can pump them out like an assembly line with that illusion super.

Not gonna quots since it’s effing long.

But the gist of it all is “breaking the game down and learning stuff is cheap.”

There was a thread in Ask Capcom today asking for Ghost Rider’s j.S to be nerfed because it was cheap or overpowered or something like that.

LOL Unity.

Can we just disqualify Unity from being posted here? Let’s try a hards mode or use elsewhere. It’s just way too easy.

It’s just that Unity is filled with so many scrubs that the best quotes come from over there. It helps that it’s Capcom’s official site. Seriously, the stuff on that site is gold, solid gold. You can rarely get good ones from anywhere else.

This thread:

Destructoid is worth a good lark, if you can tolerate the constant meme-spouting.

This thread is pretty scrubby in it’s entirety.

I took out Mike Z in EVO NIGGA WHAT!!!

Well I don’t think anything’s particularly wrong with a tutorial mode. That guy just needs to quit complaining about the combos tho.

Isn’t that one of the main complaints of SF4 at least? Hell, they’re asking for a tutorial mode. Are they scrubs for that?

My posts have been awfully repetitive lately . . .

i had to post this here after reading it on Unity. It hurt my fucking brain.

Community. I am nothing more than you. A Fan. A long time one at that, actually. Street Fighter II was my very first video game along with MegaMan X coming short after. I played Super Nintendo, was 2 years old and hardly could do Hadoukens. Over my years, Street Fighter was a core value of my entertainment that I never let slip away.

  • I personally never owned too many of the games growing up, but that’s what friends and arcades were for. I enjoyed the Zero or Alpha series very much as well as Street Fighter III. Alpha 2 Gold specifically from Street Fighter Collection on PlayStation remains my favorite title with Super IV Arcade Edition and Anniversary Collection: 3rd Strike following close behind.*

  • I would have enjoyed the later titles to a much greater degree, but that’s what I am here to discuss. This is my personal opinion, however I feel if The Street Fighter Series were to revert back to simpler methods of execution and presentation, especially with the fanbase behind the franchise nowadays, Street Fighter could be the Ultimate Fighter Video Game as it very well should be.*

  • When Street Fighter Stopped Being Street Fighter*

  • In Game: Street Fighter has always been about proving who’s the best. Who is the Master of the Fists. What sacrifice does that come with though? Competitively, why can we not just turn on the game, find another Player to fight, and have a good clean fight?*

  • Well, some of us can. The point is to bring everyone BACK to that initial level of gameplay. I am not here to step on anyone’s toes, but tournaments for cash and studying the video game like a school project is when Street Fighter lost hype for me. Sure, I do my fair share of studying my opponent to understand their playstyle and what moves in my arsenal I may use to effectively overcome them and possibly get a few flashy combos in, but never have I “spammed” or “turtled” for fear of losing the match.*

  • It’s a Fighting Video Game. You go in there and you give it your all! There are SO VERY MANY diverse Fighters with abilities overlooked due to player’s of today looking for the top dog, no matter who the character is. PERFECT BALANCE IS POSSIBLE in a fighting game.*

*** Street Fighter II was very well “balanced” before people began breaking down data and hit boxes.** In an actual fight, do you see health bars, stats or attributes? You go into the fight KNOWING what you can bring while also judging your opponent for what they’ve got. A character becomes RUINED as soon as they become as limited as their game play would allow. The unique player behind the character and how they use them should be what Street Fighter is about.*

  • Naturally, this won’t go over so well with those who have been breaking these kinds of games down since the very beginning, but there are other video game types for that kind of practice. I am a strictly fighting game kinda guy. I don’t play many other video games as much as I do watch friends play. When Street Fighter is on the table though, I generally get excited.*

  • Watching tournaments and seeing what strategy has become, as well as factory made combos that make it a game of “Simon Says”, I felt I needed to put something out there against it, as a fan of today who has been around from day one. I am not happy with the results and this franchise really needs to get back to the Fighting aspect of Street Fighter. I have a LOT more on my mind, but I just would like to see how accepted what I’ve typed so far will be.*

  • If you have anything against what I am saying, please provide your examples of what you feel is right or wrong about Street Fighter. There is PLENTY CAPCOM has done Right obviously, which I would also like to go over too. I’m just itchin’ to type today. Who wants to discuss Street Knowledge?

^Yeah, I already linked to that a few pages back.

im not gonna lie, im very worried on seeing how much stupidity is around these days

So this is pretty much “HAVING TOOLS IS CHEAP GUYS.”

Seriously. I read the bit on Abel and then stopped.

Dat real life cheapness

It’s gone now. :frowning:

This article: for using this

Free online dictionary definitions of a complicated concept shouldn’t really be used for articles. Maybe I am biased because of my degree in Anthropology…hey fuck all of you, its scrubby to me. :arazz:

Don’t ever work customer service.

a touch off topic but an example, as I work in that field.

Me: Please go to thefront of the cable box.
Lady: You expect me to know what that is? Hold on, let me get my 9-year old son to help me.

number 2:
Me: Please go the front of the cable box
Dude that sounds late teens / mid 20s: How do I do that?

Number 3:
Me: Going from the cable box to your TV are you using Component cabes or an HDMI cable?
Dude: I’m using the remote.

SF4 has a tutorial mode, though, and he is ignoring that, and requesting they turn SF into Soulcalibur, with a focus on single-player and such. That, especially with the comments below it, seems pretty scrubby to me; that is, him expecting us to change our playing habits to accomodate him. Did I mention that SF4 has a tutorial mode. The challenges teach you bnb.