Scrubquotes is back!

This topic is working great at outing closet scrubs/smashers.

Scrubquotes topic self-perpetuates by providing more material for itself.

Scrubquotes needs to add more of the shit flying around Unity.…&post_num=1#498059485

EDIT: From the 3S section.

thread of the year…thank god someone brought this back right on time too


Love this thread, may it be updated often and be filed into the congressional library to be shared by future generations. :slight_smile:

Are half of these things said by negative zer0?

this thread is so full of fail
i cant believe that azrael made it, lol…&post_num=1#498059485

Moar Unity fail!

a thread about the scrub fandom cant be complete without this epic fail

You heard it here folks. TIERS R 4 QUEERS!!!

That’s . . . so scrubby it’s beautiful.

His post isn’t “totally” scrubby. Remember when

There are rare cases when this is true though. Tomhilfiger’s Nina and Noman’s Christie come to mind.
When everyone was rocking T4 Jin, they came and showed everyone how good those “low tier” characters really are.

The problem is that these days, scrubs aren’t willing to go and actually learn a character and simply want the easy way out. Tiers aren’t set in stone and can change depending on whether people can actually develop a character. Remember MvC2 before Mags’ ROM or when people though Makoto was trash in 3S (before people learned to kill with one combo with her)?

The one button SPD discussion here was pretty damn horrible.

Good GOD, I just followed one of you to another thread, and it’s the same people, trolling smash in a non-smash thread? What else do you do!??! And I provided an argument for items, but you stopped replying. Afraid of logic aren’t you? You guys just troll Smash because it’s fun for you isn’t it? You guys need to grow up.

What does smash have to do with this thread?..

THAT WAS MY QUESTION! Look at the first page, we have negative-zero attacking smash, and Shiki likening smashers to scrubs! This has nothing to do with smash, and they still troll smash, it’s so sad!

For the sake of not hijacking this thread, I’ll leave the issue alone.

I also play melee, haters are gonna hate. There isn’t much you can do about them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you HONESTLY mean that tiny little jab I threw there. I have already been proved wrong and learned from my original point, and i moved on. That post had shit to do with smash. It is YOU who is being childish and looking for arguments.

It wasn’t all directed at you. What irked me is that I tried to explain the item stuff to you and you talk about it here like smashers don’t make real arguments. Whatever, sorry it irked me. It was Brawl anyways so meh. Let’s not hijack the thread.

Self-perpetuating indeed.