Scrubquotes is back!

Yes. In my opinion they’re equally bad, just on opposite ends of the same spectrum. I mean think about it: you’re a mature person who has no issues losing a game, but your opponent trash talks and calls you out for every thing they did right in the game that you got you beat; even a reasoned and calm player is likelier than not gonna tell the other person to go fuck themselves. (Of course one could argue that this is a long term strategy in and of itself.)

Actually . . . maybe they’re not even on opposite sides of the spectrum . . . maybe it’s two sides to the same coin. The player that’s gonna flip his lid when he loses is also going to trash talk and call you out for getting beat. Either way it’s ridiculous, I mean it was so common growing up I never really thought about it, but when we’re talking about people who are recognized by the Feds as ‘adults’ it really seems antithetical to the better 'cause of being good at a game. That attitude will ultimately ostracize and leave you with no worth while competition. I’ve played board games like Settler’s of Catan (!!) with people where eventually a bunch of us just straight up stopped inviting certain people 'cause their attitude is so utterly atrocious. It’s like: go play your single player masturbatory video game and stay the hell out of our good time. Fucking POG’s, we’re playing Settlers. of. Fucking Catan. How the hell are you getting livid over this silly game? I mean there’s strategy, sure. But so much of the game is left to chance and whatever is left over in terms of board real estate that there’s zero reason to get pissed or feel cheated.

Man… Scrubs mentality is worse type of mindset to have ever. I’m playing marvel, bodying this scrub for free and instead of just admitting his mistakes, he always had some dumb ass excuse.

Complaining about the game mechanics, how basic my team was or how I copied YouTube players for my team (Jill Dante Hawkeye is super basic right over used team right? Lmao) or how stupid Jill’s somersault was.

The thing that killed me was when he said he could beat me in any other game that requires skill. Street Fighter 2 HD remix… I left as soon as I heard that shit.

“THE COMMUNITY I SPEAK FOR EXPOSES CHEAP PLAY AND EXPLOITS.” He also said he uploaded me to YouTube for jacking somebodies swagger.

Been playing the Smash demo with my friends in 1v1 matches at school for the past few days. I’m a Mega Man main. One of my techniques is to shoot a Crash Bomb (his Side B; the sticky bomb) onto an opponent. This will make them do one of three things which I, as the player, will have to look out for:

  • They chase me and try to transfer the sticky bomb onto MegaMan
  • They sit there guarding to try and defend from the explosion
  • They try to time a dodge roll perfectly so they can avoid the explosion and not waste their barrier’s life

And my respective answers are:

  • GTFO so they can’t touch me
  • Wait until after the explosion (since the explosion itself can also hurt me, plus I don’t want to accidentally transfer the bomb onto myself) and in that split second that they’re still guarding, I dash in and snag a grab since those are unblockable
  • Continuing controlling space with Metal Blade, Crash Bomb (if they succeeded in dodging the explosion), Side Smash, F air and Neutral A

My friend can’t dodge for shit, and he can never seem to catch up to me if I run away (there’s already an entire field of distance between us since Crash Bomb has some good horizontal range), so he has to sit their and block since that has the least risk in his case. So obviously, I go in and do my thing with my grab.

So now, apparently I’m “cheap”, I “exploit the game mechanics to win”, and I “don’t know how to play properly”.

The fact that they can’t get past his shitty specials is a testament to how terriblycasually your friends play. You weren’t ‘exploiting’ shit, you were ‘playing the game.’

To counter the fact that you’re cheap, play them with each and every other character in the demo. Confirm that they are scrubs when they start shit talking for beating you once.

Guy starts a thread because he’s having trouble hitting the mini 3P and 3K buttons on a 6-button fight stick (!?). After being told it’s not the right stick for that and that he should just learn to hit buttons simultaneously and 3P the old fashioned way he laughs off the advice-givers for ‘getting macho over a videogame’.

Brought me to the conclusion, after all these years, that throws aren’t lame because they’re throws. It’s that you damn nerds are getting all macho with your simultaneous buttons pressings.

Grabbing is bragging guys.

People who four button tech confirmed the most hardcore.

Watch out for those guys, they’ve got something to prove!

It’s all my fault, I was too harsh on the little guy, who apparently values his 3P and 3K buttons greatly, but not enough to have the foresight to purchase a stick with 8 face buttons.

I don’t think that was harsh at all. The picture has the button names under the buttons, like most sticks. This was more than likely the pic he saw on (insert online retailer here). You weren’t harsh, he’s just sensitive.

My bad, that was sarcasm. This is why we need :coffee: back.

He definitely just referred to Darksakul as a ‘meat headed shit sack’ too haha omg…

If the execution of hitting 3 buttons at the same time is going to be so much of an issue that you’re going to attack the peaceful folk of tech talk…maybe an execution-heavy game isn’t the best idea…

I fear for when he discovers the trials

Jeez was that kid all about making a tempest in a tea pot. I wonder if he would have blown up so bad if I had just said “get over it” instead of “man up”. What a delicate little flower. This is the kind of person that I picture running around complaining about people being “elitist”.

The worst part is that Street Fighter isn’t ridiculously heavy with execution. Maybe a week or two and you have the basic movements down for combos, half the ultras are 2XQCF or 2XQCB and all three punches/kicks. Stick with a character and you’ll memorize things in no time.

You know for a fact that guy’s posted a reddit or a gamefaqs post in the past 24 hours about how shitty and “exclusive” the FGC is…Mars Bar to whoever finds it first :stuck_out_tongue:

lmao wat…


fuck this new layout, i cant figure out spoilers…

Do these jokers have a website or forum of some sort?

Just put it inside [ spoiler ] tags (without the spaces).


Apparently, this embodies tourney Smash rules pretty well according to the middle schooler who wrote that ruleset:


Also, the manual way to use spoiler tags hasn’t changed at all. They even made it simpler by placing it under the paragraph sign next to the emoji dropdown.

click the paragraph sign, it’s a drop down menu

spoiler is in there

Thats what baby people does, turns them into babies. Fuck Skaurai in the past for making that terrible game just to spite competitive players. Rule 15 is particularly stupid.

The people who say that are scrubs and sore losers. Especially the people that say, “I don’t know how to play properly”.