Scrubquotes is back!

The dude is an idiot. Had he kept playing rising thunder, specially after that video, he was going to get hilarious CPM. I dont know if he got doxxed or not. From the looms of it he just got trolled. Sure i may or may not have trolled him. But ii also may or may not have trolled with such OG skill that scrubquotes got trolled. Either way you cant be on the internet, do something so volatile and then expect that nobody will notice. For example, i’m working on an mtg show. Its gonna be kind of like alphaism radio but with skits. My partner and I are determined to be brutally honest in those conversations. That said, there are topics which that require a bunch of pre-production because of how the internet handles things. You cant just troll the tranny prostitutes on craigslist with crank calls and have people just laugh.

Dude got lucky though. Had it been SJWs things would’ve been way worse. Either way we gotta #fixFireballs so thos doesnt happen again.

Yeah not saying he’s a victim or anything. Just saying it’s not surprising he deleted everything - it’s the smart thing to do.

More actual scrubquotes.

Didn’t the early builds of Death Cargo not have the ability to jump over your opponents?

Dunno. Never heard of Death Cargo.

Click at your own risk.

…what did I just witness.

This game remembered of this (actual gameplay starts at 4:14):

One of the best threads in FGD. Its going to be hard to have something come close to the amount of hype and entertainment that thread provided.



The man’s picture is very well suited to his personality.

Reminds of that thread where this guy was asking how to hit the tiny R2 and L2 buttons at the top of his 6-button HORI. Complaining that it isn’t very intuitive because it’s hard for him to do his 1-button Ultras, and that his older 8-button stick was better. Then when everyone came in like “8 button is dick, 6 button life”, he got all defensive like “WOAH 6 BUTTON SO MANLY”

So this little bitch complained about “fireball spamming” and “people abusing the same move over and over” on Rising Thunder but all he did with Hugo was keep jumping like a frog and random Back Breakers, makes sense

Bad match ups are unfair.

You ever play Slayer vs Potemkin? #NotDandyAtAll

Well, if you want to get technical, bad match-ups are “unfair.” 'Cause it favors one character over another in that particular match-up.

That scrubquote is more like “WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO ADAPT”

I refer to these types as meat heads. Players that go straight for more agrresive offensive characters. learn how to combo and what not but with no real grasp of fundamentals. They want to just perform said combo and do what they want to do without resistance. So when they see a character that gives them a hard time I.E fireballs users or characters with long pokes. They get mad because they can no longer just go dumb and do combos easily and have to actually play smart which they can’t do. so instead of adapting and learning they demand characters that counter their playstyle gtfo.

Help, cooldowns too difficult.


How can you play SC2 and still not know to split your attention between several different things? Not that a quick glance requires as much attention as a part of the battlefield…

But remember guys, the inputs were the only thing keeping new players from excelling at fighting games.