Scrubquotes is back!


Already had my cousin and his friends tell me that the game is nothing but spamming and that they’re going back to xenoverse.


You ever sit em down and watch how they play before telling em *everything *they’re doing wrong?

Unless this is their first fighting game, lol.


I never got to play with them, they played one game before I got up where they “beat a guy with nothing but pushing the X button” then decided on it. I’m pretty sure they were only confirming the opinions that they already made because they kept telling me that they think the game would be “spammy” and they wanted to try it before buying.

I do tell them what they’re doing wrong and question what they’re even talking about when they call something spam, but they consider themselves xenoverse vets and their whole group is deeply rooted into the scrub mentality.


Block spamming, :rofl:

Your cousin and his friends sound dumb as fuck.




Woah, a not DBFZ-related post?

Dropped your input? Blame the other guy, because it can’t possibly just be your mistake.

Anyway, it’s funny how scrubs who consider themselves to be huge Dragonball fans won’t follow its example of training to defeat powerful opponents in Dragonball FighterZ.




from reddit SF

"wtf is this cheap crap move
So I’m playing against a Ryu and I’m Rashid. Every time I do an air attack at him he just spams that flying uppercut. What the hell? What a cheap way of righting. How do I counter that?

Yeah I’m going back to SSB. This is too cheap"


To Smash? You mean the same game that has the same karate hobo where the DP does even more damage?


Found this in kappa:


Dbz has been out for almost 3 weeks and this thread has only has one new post? The fuck? Lol


here you go. it’s already on ScrubQuotesX but anyways

seriously, if you need something to laugh about you need to check out this thread:


In the r/SF tourney tonight


And then he RQ’s the entire r/SF round robin.


HOLY SHIT I woke up to a round 3 :lol:

I can’t even.


Not a scrubquote per se, but Im kinda tired of people incorrectly using the word scrub to describe someone of low skill instead of someone who never blames themselves for their own shortcomings. People can be good at a game and still be scrubs.



I got these from my buddy Vex


lol, played that dude once. He’s the guy that blamed me for making him drop his qcf motion.