Scrubquotes is back!


I would be horrified if this occured.

Is it considered scrubby to make requests for Chun now? Because if ti is, then I’ve just become a scrub.

…or did I just lay some bait for more scrubquotes?

What you did, there, I see it.

But I’m seriously wishing for those buffs.

Cammy needs her damage and normals from CvS2!! Come on Capcom, LET’S GO!!

Saw this on Kotaku.

Jesus the dickriding is strong with this one.

99% of that thread is terrible and my eyes burn from having to read it.

Were these guys watching the same EVO I was? O_o

Well, I do agree Latif had a terrible performance in the grand finals. Latif with 4 EX Bars = 4 EX Seismos.

IMO, Latif was burned out from having to kill 3 legends in a row and Fuudo had the advantage of getting to watch Latif’s matches and download his style.

I wish I could help you mod the AE section over on Unity sometimes d3v. I’m not looking forward to the salt storm.

But with salt comes scrubquotes to post in this thread.

Well that IS true. It’s a delicate balance.

After watching the rep of the guilty gear community becoming the new hero of the day I’m too happy right now to care about BS on the internet.

I take it you haven’t seen the post of “virtua fighter fundamentals > guilty gear fundamentals” in the front page then.

still don’t care :slight_smile:

Somebody’s salty about losing to Makoto.

More dumb SRK on Daigo losing while using Yun.

Too many dickriders hurt.

Daigo lost, so what, Daigo loses. He’s human to you know. Heck, I remember Ryan Hart used to blow him up when he was in Japan, and I’m sure other Japanese players can body him as well.

At the same time, WTF is wrong with tier whoring? This is a fighting game, you’re supposed to play to win.