Scrubquotes is back!

They’re just mad because they lose with the “fair” characters and the top players beast with characters that are actually good.

If Eduardo won, then you would hear about Wolverine instead.

It’s stupid. Like in AE we’re hearing more about Fei Long than Yun now. Just because Fuudo placed 1st and Daigo placed 4th.

I know. >_>

Even after the balance patch, they’ll just whine about someone else.

Shoutouts to Latif.

Remember guys, don’t do too well with your character, or else you’ll be punished!!!!&post_num=77#504030325

This one’s for Jigs.

Via :


That shit pisses me off. >_>

At first when I found this thread I was all laughs, but now I’m depressed. Oh humanity.

So… huurr dduuurr, if you want a decent tutorial mode and frame data you should just go back to Smash? :confused: Gotta salute the OP for managing to troll SRK by presenting reasonable, well-thought-out ideas in a polite and coherent fashion.

More blah from the Viper whiner.!!!&quote=504044437#post_input

Heaven forbid that a character design be based around capitalizing on good abare.

That said, I wanna see what these scrub’s reactions are when they realize that the playstyle is legit enough to get it’s own name.

Oh what the fuck.


And now, because Capcom Japan reads Unity postings, your character might be getting a nerf. Which truly sucks, I like the one-knockdown-and-you’re-done Makoto. :frowning:

Dude, you have got to find a way that the devs don’t see that shit.

No! The sooner they see they are idiots (or implement their ideas and see they are terrible), the sooner they go back to making games like they use to (however that was).

This is the same company that nerfed Gen’s mk-hands loop because Japanese players said that he "didn’t feel like Gen’ because of it.

That’s not likely to happen.

“OMG! Nerf Viper! Too Random. I beat Latif so I know!”,_your_Evolution_2011_champion!&post_num=38#504072925

Scrubtou at work.

Eh, the suggestions on SRK are no better than the ones on Unity anyway. >_>

Old, but I feel like reflecting on Evos past. >_>

(And well, I just found this vid…)

What a sore loser. Throwing his stick then saying all this?

Also, “Guesses right 100% of the time” = “reading a player”