Scrubquotes is back!



Is LTG playing Tekken 7 now?


He was, and rage quit whenever someone used a rage art.

He got banned on Twitter for the 3rd time now though, but unfortunately that didn’t keep him away. :bluu:


I imagine Rage Arts are a total scrub-trigger, it causes good damage, you get one every round, you just need to press one button and it has armor.

It’s like SFIV Ultra Combos on steroids


Far from it. Ultras from SF4 (usually) have invincibility frames and you only have to be half-way down in health to get meter for one and can be combo’d into for decent damage.

Rage Arts of T7 scale badly when used in combos (except in hilarious specific circumstances), and despite the armor the character takes FULL damage from the attack… that and only way to get full power out of a RA is to nearly be dead, which all it’ll take is a jab to STILL finish the person off.
Too many times in the lower ranks in T7 I punched someone in the face the moment they pulled an RA and they still died.

Note that in SF4 high level play, Ultras still get used often enough, while high level T7 play you’ll be lucky to see even a handful RA’s thrown out in a small tournament setting. Rage Drives tend to get more mileage.


Average scrub doesn’t know (or care) about that. They just see that it takes two buttons, comes out instantly, has armor, and kills them when they press too much buttons. I mean, DOA5’s Power Blow/Power Launcher is more analogous to SFIV Ultras since they become available at half health, and will get used in high level play, but you don’t see as much scrub complaints since they require being used in a combo (even if those combos lead to 50-70%, inescpable damage).



A decent post… marred by a single paragraph.


What, you gonna run off to another part of SRK like I won’t find you? Fuck outta here man; Zero combos were some of the most cancer things in 3. Not because they were meter-positive ToDs, they were just boring as hell to watch and went on for 3 billion years because of damage scaling. If Lightning Loops took any longer, you’d see people skip through them in Youtube videos like the Alpha 3 infinites.


Those are the worst IMO. If the guy just went “BROKEN CHARACTERS, SPAM, NO HONOR, agyiagusygasuysdguaysgd!” people would just think that he’s a whiny child and pay no attention to what he says. But dropping scrubquotes amont a fairly reasonable post may make new players in actually believing in everything he just said.


Still a scrubquote. Judging something as “boring” is still scrubby.


Zero isn’t boring because he’s top tier, Lightning Loops are just the manifestation of everything wrong with MvC3’s combo system: overly generous hitstun and too many ways to outright ignore combo limitations.

If finding anything ever in a fighting game boring is scrubby, then I don’t really know what to say. Judging by your posting in this thread, any criticism of a fighting game is scrubquotes. Maybe we’re just running off different definitions here, but I’ve always seen “scrub” used to refer to people that make up extra rules and shit about the game to justify their hatred for a mechanic, oftentimes in response to a loss.

If I said “ZMC should be banned because the combos are too long”, THAT would be a scrub quote. If I said “ZMC wins aren’t real wins”, THAT would be a scrubquote. A key element of a scrubquote is that there is some magical way the game “should” be played, and anyone who doesn’t is cheating/spamming.


Because isn’t that just a roundabout way of saying that those things shouldn’t be in UMvC3? Or more precisely, based on the original quote, it feels like a roundabout way of saying that something shouldn’t be in just because it’s boring and. At least, that’s how it comes across to me.


@d3v, stop reaching dude.
Someone saying that they find boring an aspect of a game doesn’t make it a scrubquote.

Just because you love dumb shit on your dumb games doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with that, and them not agreeing with that doesn’t make them scrubs.

I like mvc3, but i also can understand if someone is put off by the tods, lighting lopps, etc.
I also can understand if someone would think that those are glaring sings of a faulty desing (they are)

If people enjoy that more power to them, but not everyone finds that kind of stuff appealing to have it on their games.


Mountains fall out of the sky, and they stand there!


I’m not seeing anything wrong with that quote.


“Boring” was something singled out in Playing to Win, and for a reason. Calling something “boring” is something scrubs would say against a certain method, or tactic that can be used to win. And yes, “boring” tactics are something that’s close to my heart. So forgive me if I assume that anyone calling any tech “boring” is doing so as a scrub. Or for thinking that making design decisions on preventing “boring” tactics is simply an extension of scrub mentality, or worse, empowering scrubs who think that “boring” is a legit criticism of any tactics/tech.


And why i am not surprised that once more you go by whatever a fgc celebrity said instead of thinking by yourself.
For once i would like you to think rationaly instead of parroting whatever someone said some time ago and take it for gospel, all while making a clown of yourself.

Calling out the lighting loops boring while also pointing out that they are a symptom of a faulty system makes it clear that is not about any kind of scrub mentality.


So citing a resource or statement from the closest thing we have to an academic treatise on the subject matter to back me up, is somehow “reaching”.

Honestly, what the fuck does being “exciting” have to do with “winning”? Nothing at all.

History is full of examples of people winning regardless if they were “boring”, and I’m not just talking about fighting games either. Anytime anyone brings up the “boring” argument, it’s usually to downplay whoever won in a manner that implies that they weren’t deserving of the victory - “Mayweather shouldn’t be able to run away and win,” or “Senna shouldn’t have been able to run Prost off on turn 1 of lap 1 and win the championship on points,” etc. - which is, to me, a pretty scrubby line of thought.

Moreover, this line of thought gets very dangerous when it starts making its way into games. Zoning weakened with universal anti-fireball/poke tools or even more ridiculous ideas (lets make fireballs deal less damage the farther out they are), hit boxes made smaller/stubbier so that age old SF strategy of making your opponent keep running into safe pokes doesn’t work anymore, all in the name of discouraging “boring” play.