Scrubquotes is back!



The extra funny thing is that SF4 at least accepts 616 as a shoryuken. Any forward, any down, any forward. You could be a radical person and do 939 I guess.


Except when playing Smash… there’s all kinds of arbitrary rules for playing that game competitively


Depends a lot on the version being played - I mean unless you mean stuff people set in menus which are a nonissue or rules for map selection which is what people do in every competitive game in which maps matter, in which case lol.

Brawl genuinely does have some stupid stuff that affects normal ingame decisionmaking, ie. they have a ledge grab limit because otherwise some characters (primarily Metaknight and a couple others) would just get a lead and stall near unchallenged which definitely is a bad rule. But apart from that in-game rules as far as I can see just ban game-ending glitches that freeze people or give characters the ability to stall infinitely in unreachable spaces and have to be performed very intentionally, ie. nothing that affects normal gameplay unlike the ledge grab limit.



Not fighting games, but still fun to laugh at.


Trying to 100% Crash 1 at the moment with my gf, and hell that game is really difficult if you’re doing the no death runs and time trials.
It’s not that bad though. On the level of SMB3, Mega Man and the likes but nowhere near those retarded platformers like I Wanna Be The Boshy or shit like that.
It’s rewarding enough to warrant the frustration, and personally I just hate platformers that I blaze through.

Most disappointing Christmas gift as a kid was Aladdin on the SNES. That game was a beautifully designed game and really fun, but I beat it in 2 or 3 hours on the same evening I fucking got it.
That was a real bummer as a poverty child that gets 2 games a year.




“Pace urself” wtf?


He means “slow down so I can win next time!”


Fool you ain’t shit at fighting games, don’t even bother pretending. Fight me or perish as a coward.


So I don’t know were else to go but, I think I have some sort of Stalker in the steamforums and he obviously hates me for not agreeing with him.
I just copy paste some stuff in here behind the spoilers, if this doesn’t fit in here, pls delete.

So lets start with this:


SF4 and MvC3 are trash. SFV is worse and MvC:I will be even worse than that. If you think SF4 and MvC3 are great because of lowering the skill required you were never good at a real Marvel or SF game. You can’t talk about how they express player skill when both games have literal comeback mechanics that reward players for losing.

My Reply:
Just to remind everyone, this guy is stuck in Ultra Bronze with a 45% winrate and refuses to play anyone in this game, since it’s “to easy”.
In this “to easy” game, he can’t get out of the low skill pool.

Then came this:
That’s cute. You haven’t played Ranked since Season 1 and you’re only Gold. Funny how when RQ penalties became a thing you stopped playing Ranked. Also I won’t play anyone outside of America in a game with netcode this bad. And at this point I won’t play this game if I’m paid to play it. You quit this game way before I did so I don’t know why you even bring this up waifufag.

Also if I’m so bad there’s that standing invitation to play me in real SF games with real netcode. You don’t get one sided rollback on FC so I can see why you would duck me there. Your awful connection doesn’t get favored on FC like it does here.

Anyway this came next:


You play a braindead character in a braindead game and you think online is just as valid as offline. You refuse to play old SF because you know you’ll get face :heart::heart::heart::heart:ed. You think 120 ping is acceptable for a fighting game. You’re a living breathing Scrubquotes tweet kid.

This is a bit older:

[details=Spoiler]Cipher you’re a '14er and you hate 3S because you play Cammy and you can’t play brain dead in it. Your waifu isn’t in it so of course you hate it. You hate ST because she’s trash tier. You like Alpha 2 because compared to Alpha 1 or 3 it’s a low skill game.

Alpha 2 is a​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:show. No one plays it anymore. It’s literally a ghost town on Fightcade. Japan even hates it.It’s considered a low skill joke of a game by almost everyone. Alpha 3, ST, and 3S are the only real SF games. If you talk badly about any you’re basically outing yourself as a scrub.[/details]

Since he run his mouth the whole time that he’s so awesome, I challenge him in SFV.
He run away for months and said he would only play me in real SF, like 3S or Alpha3.
I mean, even as I said I would, he never appeared… so there is that.

It’s also new to me that FGC members, who are halfway decent use the term braindead the whole time or are stuck in Ultra Bronze with 45% winrate.


He called A2 a shitshow. He lost all credibility because of that.


That man does know which SFs are worth playing though. Well, except A1.


@LordWilliam1234 should sell his scrub fighter to these idiots.


Agree on that.
He should partner with someone to do the spritework and release the game on steam :rofl:
He could even use the scrubquotes as testimonials for all the “features” of the game.


Been playing alot of PUBG with some FGC friends in Japan so this caught my eye in the Scrubquotes Twitter.

Turns out, it’s from Duke Nuken creator George Broussard.