Scrubquotes is back!


Armada, a guy who won a trophy for “longest time sitting in a chair while trying to accept he just lost at Smash Grand Finals”


Some nobody Melee player.


That was a long ass sit.



This got isn’t happy with Tekken 7’s latest PC update


I personally cannot wait until my nigga Geese Howard is playable this winter on Tekken 7.

Because, apparently on the tekkenzaibatsu forums, there are a shit load of people who hate 2D fighting game characters (specifically for their projectiles and… jumping, I believe). I am having a lot of fun with Eliza as I speak on this subject.


Don’t know where this is from. Still hilarious that you have someone banning people because they’re too good.

Meanwhile, this one I can’t even…


Resets are like punching kittens.

4 lows in a row? Fucking coward man.


Lol at “gourmet expensive strats”.


I don’t know whats worth, the discredit to FG’s or that he thinks he is a gamer.
He discribes what casual player want, real gamer have usualy no problem to invest time into something if they want to become good at a game.


“He keeps backing up! He keeps backing up! I can’t push a button! I can’t push a button!”

As you guys watch the following video, he gets progressively worse.


In a facebook video showcasing a Hyde combo:


The Let’s Talk Tekken FB group has a lot of scrubquote material


Just watch the video and you have your fill. Grab some popcorn though.



MP with the lava burn.


This clown was still going at me last night. I’ll post up the entire stream of messages later, waiting for tonight to see if he continues to actually try to justify that I’m cheating for using a stick again.

He’s none too bright, so probably.


Yet another scrub review or Sonic Mania.



And then the backlash:

Because weebs.