Scrubquotes is back!




Well, that is not a scrubquote.

Sounds like a butthurt capcom fan :rofl:


As soon as the reveal happened I knew this culture clash was coming


I can’t wait for the scrubquotes about hitting a charging opponent.


Can’t wait for when players who’s only experience with a “fighting game” is with Xenoverse and similar “anime” fighters get to actually play the game.


God the salt coming from dbz when it comes out will be delicious.


I don’t even give a shit about Dragon Ball past the original series, but reading all this shit on Youtube and Twitter, makes me want to get the game just to shit in the mouth of those retarded Xenoverse weaboos.

I hope this game has voice chat.


So whens the DBFZ “community ruleset” - no attacking while charging, no assist spamming, only one assist at a time, no joysticks, etc.


This shit is hilarious, I’m so hype for the mountains of salt that will come with DBFZ.


never played any db 3d game…do they even have a complex deep mechanic?


Most of them no but the Budokai game use its own unique cancelling system on attacks you can charge which charge with similar properties to street fighter 4. So imagine mass FADCs except it is canceled through the guard button then dash and there is way more room for making mistakes doing it too soon or early can mess you up for different reason. In compensation though the stun time off of some of the moves is pretty long so it gives anyone coming to the game a chance to feel what it should be like but in order to play properly you need to have it down to a tee as the game contains a combo breaker system through its meter and maximising combo is necessary for meter building as well as the damage obviously. Using strings and the cancel system the combos actually get meldy into the game play for covering ground, tracking, otg resets etc etc and the combo breaker mechanic is not omnipotent on use it costs 3 bars of your 7 meter and there are various techniques to counter it from baiting it out, to armoring through, jab tracking, string spacing etc but again its not so easy to pull off. Ill put a couple of vids so you can see people trying to learn and then what actually happens when they have learnt the game

Here is people trying to pull it off;

Here is someone actually doing it;

Just cause everyone loves Goku;


Leaving jokes aside, the xompetitive scenes of the different dbz games aren’t really scrubby and usually behave pretty much like the fgc, where anything goes as long it doesn’t break the game.


I wonder when the first Menat orb scrubquotes will appear.
Can’t take to long.


Because of Menat’s sexy ass, I have an excuse to go back and try SFV again and see if I can find some more scrubquotes


Hopefully he’ll learn to use “scrubby tactics” in the future. Heck, who’re we kidding, he most likely wont.



This is one of the most tragic things I ever saw. Common sense has no meaning to this person. And, from a real life business and scientific perspective, this guy would get laughed at so fucking hard…


Someone’s seen a Rand quote. Cute.


So that’s why I felt like puking.