Scrubquotes is back!






This is one is a serious contender for the stupidest thing here


Worry not!

Here’s the top comment on a Momichi’s Menat compilation video by YogaFlame24:


That’s not really a scrubquote though.


Depends on the context. If he’s complaining about some of the stuff Menat can do, then it is.


Yea but we dont know the context so it’s not really a scrub quote.


Parts of this video is nothing but scrubbery…

Bayonetta and the Ice Climbers don’t belong anywhere near a list with Cinder and Ivan Ooze on it.



Lol…Then the guy will bitch forever about Tekken 3 if it keeps intact the character balance (someone sic Ogre on his ass).


Not sure these count as scrubquotes, but the salt in here is real.



The reason why it confuses me that Juggeling is now supposed to be a problem:
They existed before.
Juggels were in Tekken since Tekken 1, if I remember correctly in T1 you even had easy 100% out of one launcher.
Tekken 2 wasn’t much better, it just had crazy pushback.
Tekken 3 had also loads and loads of juggels, but they did pretty low damage.

So were does this recent “Juggels take no skill and are unfair” thing come from?
It’s like you complain about getting comboed in any fighter after beeing hit by a jump-in.


Because most people didn’t have the internet to expose how scrubby their play was.

Also “juggles” not “juggels”.


See for yourself. This is the original source of those quotes


Is just me or Tekken 7 attract more scrubs than normal? You don’t even need to search for scrubquotes, they just appear in front of you.


I’m pretty sure that same poster in the Steam forums has been quoted here before.



People got their own bubbles and such for what they thought was them being good at the game (among their own in wherever they were playing their game at, or among their siblings and friends, or whatever) until said people get exposed to the greater world out there of others showing them TRUE POTENTIAL of what’s capable in whatever game they’re playing.

The people’s choice in that matter was to either step it up to that level in order to keep up, be content with their level of play (silent majority for that one), …or end up turning scrubby.

Cause I know at least with Tekken, until at LEAST Tekken 5 around my area and other arcade venues that had people playing on Tekken machines, no one I saw used any sort of the juggles the system even then was capable of.

UNLESS OF COURSE you were in a heavy, hardcore arcade area with other fans of the game and actually took time to figure out all that mess, extended time doing so when the games hit consoles and the like, but back then it was rare indeed.

I only started to seriously learn juggles from T5-onward after getting my butt beat by one of my friends who was decent with Heihachi. Ended up looking for some videos about such and as a result, the Tekken engine truly opened up to me (and by extension, how other 3D fighters operate, along with the basics of frames across ALL other fighting games).


I can’t believe people survive real life with this mentality. Society really gives us a cushion