Scrubquotes is back!


This quote actually quite interesting.
The guy is wrong but not fundamentally. He just trying to defend his scrubby point of view by taking good examples and using them in a wrong way.

  1. Blue shell is actually added to improve the game because racing games lack the interaction between players when they far enough. Nintendevs wanted that everyone could have fun and there was no choice between “win the race or have fun”. And no situations when if you got screwed up you may as well put controller down. But it has no relation to tournament play in other games because racing games has specific problems and this problems was solved by the blue shell.
  2. And whole “tournaments need to be entertaining” argument is basically a “false cause”. Tournaments need to determine the champion. Entertainment is required BUT not at the cost of fair competition. Because otherwise it is not a tournament. This whole thing reminds me about League of Legends that really pushes its e-sport entertainment. There was some scandals, rumours and stuff around it in past years. Really makes you think about the cost of entertaining part of their tourneys.


More Affinity’s madness:


The Cuphead hilarity continues

In reply, I’d like to quote good ol’ Day[9]:


Also, DSP being DSP.


DSP continuing to dig himself in a hole.


Tekken 3 juggles (at least for Paul) did similar damage to Tekken 7 juggles (a bit lower, you still get good 45-60 damage out of them).
The only reason these retards think previous Tekken games had no juggles, is because they were mashing x and o with Eddy all day against their neighbor’s little sister and proclaimed themselves Tekken champions.

It’s the internet age now and these bitches get fed to the online wolves. They just can’t handle competition.

Edit: Fuck! Somebody said that already.


oh ho ho man…people are going to hate 18.


Ladies and gentlemen, DSP, aka the only guy we know who get counter hit, while blocking.


DSP is top 100 on the MvC:I leaderboards though. I mean either he’s a former pro fighting game player, or the game is tanking hard.



That dude looking like a brillo pad.


“In other words, Raven is just a shitty design they threw into the game to make Kazunoko feel like he hasn’t fallen out of his place.”

Wait, wut?


Jim Sterling calling out Tekken scrubs


Jim has found a goldmine in fighting games Steam forums and reddit.
That shit is hilarious.


I just now am looking at that video.
That guy is just having waaaaaaaaay too much fun with that.


Not an scrubquote


That dude’s gonna have a rough time trying to absorb Genkai’s Spirit Orb…


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ITT: Seems like “logical arguments” and “contrary opinions” are synonymous with “scrubbery.” There’s certainly a fair share of real scrub quotes though.


Dude needs therapy. He’s probably going to be served a divorce notice in the future and off himself after losing a couple games. If shit gets you so bad that everyone avoids an entire section of the house because of you, your dog is afraid of you, and the wife threatens to leave you because you act like a fucking man child and throw temper tantrums, you need to hang it up for good.