Scrubquotes is back!


The other funny part is that it was tweeted by that guy from SomethingAwful, a site that I used to read daily in the early 00s and completely forgot existed for the past decade or so

(Until now, of course)


Best part, it’s from a forum that’s made of people who quit NeoGAF.


Can’t wait for the sequel



Sound more like a troll or windsagio


Is this considered a scrubquote? If so, then we’ve hit a new low where blocking is considered "cheap."


Dunno, that’s borderline scrubquote, borderline just normal tilted salt. Probably a bit of both.


I have a soft spot for honesty, tbh. I mean… is he wrong? Do you not know how to block? Lol


This shit right here is why many consider smashers not only scrubs but whiney babies.

It’s now frowned upon to discuss matchups on r/smashbros because it hurts the top players’ feelings :’(



You’re actually giving them a kind take. The thread’s really about talking about pros in nicer ways cause they bitch about it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that kind of thing.


by wizard master
" thts called spamming not desking its called manny things but spamming is the real word for it u disrespect all honor chun-li has with your spamm dude "


Jiyuna speaking the truth


Tekken quotes never get old:


He really should pick Kevin instead.



Xenoverse fans still salty at DBFZ.


This whole thread is comedy gold:


More Tekken 7 scrubquotes gold from Steam.


From our very own frontpage.