Scrubquotes is back!


Scrubs of the world:

Flip a coin. Heads: Mena’s win is bull shit blah blah something Japan desu ne. Tails: Tokido is a fraud, Akuma should be banned.



I’m waiting for all the scrubquotes when Blanka is out



Embedded tweets don’t show the quoted tweet.



It’s Kotaku writing about Eventscrubs tier “lists”, can’t get any lower than that.



except from the winners





I am expecting this thread to get quite alot active once DBFZ comes out


Every Gamestop will have atleast 50 used copies of the game a week after release


It’s gonna be worse then when you had Smash kids playing Guilty Gear. Speaking of which.


I don’t think there’s enough fries in the world for the outpouring of seasoning that’s going to be unleashed starting Jan. 26.


What i am glad is that those scrubs will whine all what they want, but neither namco and asw would care about their dumb shit anyway.



this dude is from my local scene. He threatened to kill him self after getting blown up for this, and then went right back to sending rage mail. He’s also banned from local events for threatening to kill someone after losing.


I understand what he means. I hate when I give a runback, lose, and the opponent dips.

It’s hella bitchmade.


Who downvoted that? Outside of connection going bad it is lame to leave a set. Anyway: